OXCGN’s Mini Ninjas Adventures Kinect XBLA Review: You Are The Ninja


"Square Enix brings cutesy samurai slashing action to Kinect in the form of Mini Ninja Adventures.

The Mini Ninjas franchise takes a different direction this time around and has the player take sole control of Hiro, the mini-est Ninja.

Through the “wonder” that is motion control, you must slash, shoot and magic your way through worlds of evil doers to prove that mini can also equal mighty.

Mini Ninjas Adventures is an enjoyable use of an hour or two, especially for young children, but sadly not much more than that."

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psychof0x2349d ago

Wreckateer looks like it'll be much, much stronger.

Proeliator2349d ago

Yeah, I'll stick to fruit ninja.

Eske2349d ago

Sounds like the story of most Kinect games.

jamesensor2349d ago

...and they're pushing it hard on consumers ^^

JellyJelly2349d ago

At least it still gets games, unlike Move.

Belgavion2349d ago

I'd have preferred a non-Kinect downloadable sequel to the original retail release