New Halo 4 Comic-Con Gameplay [Longbow]

The Halo Council writes: Let the Comic-Con content floodgates open, we are starting to get even more footage of Halo 4 new map Longbow, gameplay also features a lot of the new Halo 4 gun called the "Storm Rifle". Remember it is still the E3 built.

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gdblose032199d ago

Whoever was playing... SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Army_of_Darkness2199d ago

the video color is so bad i can't really tell the difference between this and halo 3?!

QuantumWake2199d ago

Well I mean what kind of difference do you want to see? If you mean gameplay wise, then of course there is no difference. It's Halo. Almost the same formula as every other Halo with an array of new gametypes, weapons, enemies, abilities, etc...

If you mean graphically, then watching the Forge videos would let you see that there are improvements 343 have made such as the addition of dynamic lighting and shadow casting.

Army_of_Darkness2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I wouldn't expect the gameplay to change, it's just that i expected to see better graphics(like what we saw at E3) but it seems like the graphics got dumb down?!

cl19832199d ago

Well the footage could come from a inferior camera.

KillerBBs2199d ago

Is the bottle of Jergens part of the HUD?
This dude Sucks.
Can't wait 2 PLAY>

William51502199d ago

That guy was sooooooo good...i mean look at him playing on 1 or 2 sensitivity like a boss!!! i bet u his gamertag would look somthing like this XXXXXXXxxxxxMLGxxxxSnIpErXXX42 0xxx69xxxxXXXXXXX lol =p