Beautiful Cinematic Video for Team Fortress 2 via Source Filmmaker

DSOGaming writes: "Perhaps Valve did the one of the cleverest things, ever. The release of Source’s Filmmaker is groundbreaking and gives players the ability to create gorgeous videos, like the following one. This is also a clever way to promote your game, mind you. So, YouTube’s member ‘MetalSeer’ created a beautiful cinematic video for Team Fortress 2 via Source Filmmaker. It looks great, so go ahead and take a look!"

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TheIneffableBob1837d ago

Boring pretentious artsy shit

NoFanboyRequired1837d ago

Yup! I wanna see shit in motion. Not a bunch of static models...

pandehz1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


Could someone tell me what happens in the end, off to bed

r211836d ago

man, i answered the survey and still dont have the source film maker :L