Windows 7 details emerge: new boot screen, less RAM usage

"Gadgets are now integrated into explorer. You can right click on desktop and select "Add Gadget" or "Hide Gadget". There is a new gadget called "Windows Media Center" that displays now playing information from the WMC. On the same menu, "Display" is added above "Personalization" which gives you direct access to display DPI settings. The page is much more polished than the one in Vista.

The start menu features a pin besides each item. Clicking on it toggles pinning/unpinning the item. Search in explorer is now states where you search within (usually being within the folder, as in Vista). You can now, however, adjust the size of the search box.

XAML fonts, called the "Composite Fonts" are now added to the font folder. Perhaps WPF will be much more prominent in this release. It's disappointing that I don't have Aero running, or otherwise there might be some interesting stuffs to see.

A new application is added, dubbed the "XPS Viewer", no surprises, either," says Parker.

Apparently, there will also be refreshed Paint, Calculator and Wordpad applications, all based on the Windows Presentation Foundation and you'll be able to save/carry your IE favorites/settings with you using your Windows Live account. Finally, another thing worth mentioning is the new, bright boot screen.

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aslucher3830d ago

They should be implementing ideas like this into vista right now?

MK_Red3830d ago

I don't think Vista's sales are that terrible... or are day?
Anyway, I haven't personally tried Vista but everyone that has tried it tells me that it is beyond garbage.

Still, no matter how good or bad a windows turns out, I'll wait for 2 to 3 years before upgrading.

TheIneffableBob3830d ago

Vista sales are actually rather good.

ruibing3830d ago

When you say sales, do you mean people who purposely bought Vista (individually or by choice for a CTO purchase) or got it because they had no choice in the matter?

TheIneffableBob3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Both, but more so sales through pre-installation on machines made by computer manufacturers like Dell.

PopEmUp3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Look at that monitor on the second video, man If I have that to play my Pc games That would be so awesome, and come to taking a view at that second video I think It great thing to visualize how business will interact in the future, that is nice man. I can't imagine how I would be working like that in that environment in the future, God that be so exciting

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incogneato3830d ago

People who say Vista is garbage pretty much don't know what they're talking about. It is leaps and bounds ahead of XP and of course Windows itself is superior to Mac and Linux. People who complain about it most likely don't know the way it works or are repeating hearsay.

actas1233830d ago

No doubt that Vista is better than xp.. the only problem with vista is that its requirements are a little higher than xps which is logical... since xp required more power than windows 2000 and so forth...

xsteinbachx3830d ago

i've found vista quite abit better then xp... it's only the retards in the crowds who call vista garbage because they can't cope with a new OS.

Bonsai12143830d ago

ahaha. you actually said that vista is better than os x? i'm sorry, since when did implementing ideas ripped from 10.4 mean better? leopard blows vista out of the water. and its not just me saying it. pc specialist sites and publications all agree. and with the .2 patch coming, its poised to be even better.

XENOCIDE3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I'm not talking to any one person in particular, but just to clarify; people who prefer XP over Vista (myself being one of them) don't prefer it simply because they can't cope with a new OS, or are stupid or what have you.

I will personally wait until Windows 7 to upgrade (if it's worthy), 'til then I'm sticking with XP. I've dealt with Vista, I deal with that b.s. OS daily. I have XP (mine) and Vista (brand new, 320HDD, dual 2.6GHz cpu's, 2GB RAM) PC's in my own household. I've seen Vista lock up n' crash for no reason. I've tried updating things only to be told I don't have Administrative rights. Is that right? I set up the accounts myself, I was the first user granted Administrative rights on that PC. Yet the OS is telling me I don't? I've seen the dozens of app's the OS DOES NOT support. I've tried navigating within the OS, I don't know how anyone who doesn't have at least a fair level of PC know-how could do so efficiently. Vista is good for one thing only imo, looks.

All of this comming from an I.T. Technician holding 2 certifications (n' I'm just gettin' started), not an end-user.

PopEmUp3830d ago

you sir are wrong, by which I mean when it come to memory performance vista tense to suck more memory than xp since as you have previously seen for the latest pc games which state vista need at least 1gb of ram to run the games without any lags, but not only its slow in performance but also its lack in supporting programs which I mean some programs or should I say most programs that you currently using on XP will more likely doesn't work on Vista but unless you update and upgrade with a new purchase or download of the new current software/programs that you currently runs on your xp will then be compatible on the Vista. But it's all come down to efforts and time. Overall I think Vista is Great windows but for Vista to be solid like predecessor (XP) people just need to give 2 or 3 more years and its will show you what it's capable of

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actas1233830d ago

This is what u call junk not news. This is some idiots using a program called "Windows vista blinds" to change the interference and manipulate some of the outputs.

big03830d ago

They set the req for vista to high people that upgraded from XP to vista are going to see a performance hit because they aren't upgrading hardware.

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