Mark Meer discusses Mass Effect 3′s Ending, his Personal Shepard and Future Projects

by: Gus Ramirez

For fans of the Mass Effect franchise, the ability to create your own personal Commander Shepard lies right at the heart of its appeal. But no matter how different your Shepard looked from others or how different your choices were, there were two constants. If you played as a female version of Commander Shepard, Jennifer Hale gave life and voice to your character. If you played as a male Commander Shepard, Mark Meer was your man.

Meer’s previous voice work has included parts in franchises like Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights. But he is now best known for lending his talent to the iconic role. We decided to have a little chat with Mr. Meer and ask him what he thought about the controversy surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending and more.

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user54670072350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

"Overall, I didn’t have a problem with the original endings, but I suppose I was privy to some information that not all fans were. Stuff that seemed clear (from my perspective, anyway) caused some fans confusion. Not everyone liked the fact that some things were initially left open to interpretation and/or speculation. They wanted more closure."

I like Mark...I really do but even he thinks we wanted closure. It wasn't about closure, we just didn't want an ending full of plotholes which didn't make sense. Even the new endings in my opinion didn't really add anything, it solved a few plotholes but then created a few more in their place.

I understand why he's sticking up for Bioware though, he wants more work from them...totaly understandable.

SoldierX2350d ago

how about you approve the article also since you copied and pasted the best part into your comment.

Xbot3602350d ago

Mark Meer is way cooler than that dooshbag Carlos Ferro.

WitWolfy2349d ago

No offence but if he didnt even finish ME 3 yet how can he not know why fans voiced their frustrations out in the first place?

Surely he'll also see the plot holes as he reaches the end, wont he?