The Many Pros and Cons of the OUYA

GP writer Marcus Estrada weighs the pros and cons of the OUYA console.

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TheLiztress2054d ago

I think that currently OUYA's future is still up in the air. I like the concept of it but worry that it could turn out to be a waste of money for those who backed it.

WeskerChildReborned2054d ago

Yea, i'm not even thinking about buying until i see what kinda things they will offer.

Nitrox2054d ago

I agree, I remember thinking onlive was going to be a massive fail of an idea, but it seems to be sticking around. So why shouldn't this little branch off of "traditional" gaming consoles have just as much chance of being successful...

I think there will be a definite niche that goes nuts over this thing, $2 million+ raised seems to back that up.

rrquinta2054d ago

I definitely think the CONCEPT behind OUYA is a good one, just not sure if it will work, esp with all the issues with android.

3GenGames2054d ago

Issues with Android? Like what? Being too open and too stable on the most secure kernel in the world? Rightttttt.

And responses to the article:

Nobody needs to learn how to use the Tegra 3 chip, it's a high level language, the Google Java bytecode takes care of 99% of it if you program your games to use libraries...err, classes, like you're supposed to.

Finding good content is going to highest rated or most played like on Android right now, not very hard.

"The poor OUYA will be outdated by the time it launches."

Doesn't matter, this isn't your amazing console that can do 200 Million texture filled polygons and somewhat dynamic lighting at the same time, it's an amazing 2D system with sprite rotation and scaling and some basic 3D hardware to get some simpler 3D games on where the game play it's self trumps the importance of graphics. Something the industry needs to get back to, as games today don't have the story or playability of those of even the 16-bit era.

And for the developers using this, free and a paid version will work fine! It already does even! It'll keep games smaller mainly and force them to make them good, not fancy and screw over game play to do so. I dunno if you know this, but $1-$3 per person who buys to 50,000+ people is great as it allows the smallest to get into a bigger business and make more quality games, but the big ones will support the platform because the word of mouth will automatically generate those sales to make up for development costs.

And to the person who wrote the article, outside of maybe a new UI for an actual controller, the games should already use dynamic screen resolution in their games. Like in terraria, your gameplay windows HAS to be 800x600ish, but anything more will spread the HUD out and just increase screen view. That's how all games should be made already. But doing so won't be as bad or take as long once they start knowing with the knowledge they'll have to use that more so because of the Android consoles, in conclusion with the phones.

Awesome-Xanto2054d ago

It's not something I think I would use, as it's main purpose would be to play Android games on a TV. But I wish them the best.

deletingthis346753342054d ago

Agreed the concept for this console looks cool but I am not going to blindly support a system without first looking what games the platform will offer apart from the Android marketplace. I am not buying a console just so I can play Angry Birds on a TV. If I wanted the game I would have gotten it on my iPad a long time ago.

SkullBlade1692054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

It won't all be that way. (Well, assuming this takes off anyway)

If this actually does well then there will be actual console style games being developed for Android because of this console, so it won't be literally a "tablet games on big screen" kind of thing.

The OS is based on Android, it won't literally use the tablet style GUI, just the underlying code of android.

But heh, if it completely flops then tablet style games will probably be the only games available for it, so yeah it depends on how well it does...

SkullBlade1692054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I think OUYA is a very good idea.

The problem is how it is implemented. It needs marketing and a nice solid OS. The OS is based on Android, but I mean it needs to have a variety of gaming related features so that is actually appealing to use.

It would be a bit silly just to use bog standard android on this thing. If the correct software is applied to it, I think it could do well.

Personally I'm quite interested in it, may even have a go at developing some small games for it myself. As it's been stated by a few other comments though, the future of it is up in the air... it depends how it is implemented.

I do want to buy one, though.

annus2054d ago

There is 27 days until the kickstarter even ends, how can you expect marketing to be happening before it has even been funded...

SkullBlade1692054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I said no such thing that it needs to be marketed before the 27 days.

But to be noticed by the consumers who buy most consumer electronics, it will need a marketing push to be noticed in future.

The end of the Kickstarter should be seen as the start of the product life cycle, when its actual life cycle begins. To be noticed by the masses it will need some marketing push in future.