Crying Doom for Call of Duty: Activision’s Flagship Franchise is not Long for this World


"Well Call of Duty is their new puppy, and they’re certainly petting it hard enough to draw PETA’s attention.

The stalwart military shooter is on an annual, two studio release schedule that’s seen six major console releases in as many years, as well as a smattering of portable and mobile spin-offs.

It has premium services, celebrity cameos, its own fan expo, and record sales to show for endeavor.

Is Call of Duty too big to fail?"

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gaminoz2266d ago

I was feeling that Call of Duty (except for a few cool multi maps) was getting old fast and not really enjoying the "hand holding" gameplay.

However, Black Ops II hopefully will be a bit different. Maybe?

BadCircuit2266d ago

The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

joab7772265d ago

Lol. They have a chance but like anything. They must stay ahead of the curve. After black ops 2, the mighty MW will be up and coinciding with next Gen. That will b a critical moment. Can they offer a true next Gen experience while battling Dice, mmofps giants, new management and fatigue? We will see.

Nimblest-Assassin2265d ago

They've already pissed people of with the pre order here and get this map nonsense.... Today on my way back from work... I saw a kid maybe 7 wearing a modern warfare 3 shirt

You guys remember when you were seven and played Pokemon, Mario, jak, crash, banjo and kazooie, etc?

What happened?

WeskerChildReborned2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Hopefully people could start seeing that COD lacks any real innovation and barely is worth $60 but i'm really looking into Black Ops 2. Hopefully Black Ops 2 can be good.

TekoIie2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Because theres so many alternative Innovative games out there right?

Nothing wrong with no innovating. Doesnt make your game bad at all. COD has made a major accomplishment to have been going for 5 years straight (im counting yearly since i think thats how long they've been doing it). Not easy to get fans sticking to you that frequently and for that length.

I doubt there will be another PS3/360 COD after Blops2. Not to give the franchise a break but where could it go next? I bet Activision will want to focus on Bungies game and see if they can turn that into a billion dollar franchise.

artdafoo2265d ago

Lol, you fanboys really need to stop.

" Nothing wrong with no innovating " " Doesnt make your game bad at all "

If that was the case we'd still be playing 8 bit NES games on 13 inch CRT TVs. Innovation is what drives not just Video Games but everything from Transportation, to Medicine, Science, Entertainment you name it.
COD is tired as hell and needs a major overhaul or go just go away.

As for the " it's too big to fail " Blackberry was at one point at the top of the cell phone mountain, along with Nokia. Where are they now ? they're on life support. How did they get there ? Failure to innovate.

Call It Doodie will learn this the hard way.

TekoIie2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Assassins Creed, Uncharted, COD, Battlefield, Halo, Killzone, Resistance, Gears of war, Pokemon, GTA, FIFA, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, TES.... Should i name more or do you see what im getting at? The gaming industry is driven by sequels NOT innovation....

I will say again. Nothing wrong with not Innovating and gamers prove it with every time a sequel releases and im fine with that.

robavila952265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Let me explain the yearly COD process...
1) People buy the new COD eager to play
2) Once they've discovered the minuscule amount of new things they realize it's just more of the same.
3) Despite this, people stick to their fanboyism and expect next year's release to be the best COD ever.
4) Activision advertises and launches " the best COD ever".
5) Back to step 1.

So that somewhat explains the whole process. Why does it keep repeating? My guess would be the success of COD4, which IMO is the best COD.

BTW there are tons of innovative FPS out there. Halo, BF3, upcoming MOH, Borderlands, etc.

EDIT: Sequels can be innovative, just look at Halo 3's Forge. That thing brought infinite replayability to Halo games.

COD sequels, on the other hand, remain the same in its core gameplay each year. The last time I saw COD being innovative was when WaW introduced Nazi Zombies.

WeskerChildReborned2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

My bad, double post. But yea.

OT: I'm looking forward to Black Ops 2(not a fanboy, just enjoy the game).

gaminoz2266d ago

It looks like they are noticing that people are getting sick of the same rehashed over and over.

They also needed a graphic overhaul, as if you stopped "following" for a few seconds and looked around, the visuals and interactivity with the environment was poor.

DeusExer2266d ago

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that Activision had registered domains for Black Ops 2-8, so they'll keep chugging them out unless the masses start refusing to buy the same old stuff.

The CoD franchise has become less challenging and more predictable over time, so I think that a 1, maybe 2 year gap between the next game could do wonders. Give them time to refresh the series, and truly leap forward in place of rehashing with minor changes.

Then again, if I was selling millions of copies every year, I'd keep going until that changed.

gaminoz2266d ago

They had better use the money, though, to fund new IPs too!

Call of Duty is becoming more an interactive movie with multi, and just isn't exciting.

DeusExer2266d ago

True, not to mention that the length of the campaign is getting closer to the length of a movie as well!

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