Ouya's success is opportunity missed for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony

While today's videogames are bigger, flashier and more impressive than ever, it's hard not to think that the golden era of console gaming is behind us. Back in the late '80s and early-to-mid '90s, when a new console came out every couple of years to cut its predecessors off at the knees and brutally savage the bank accounts of the hardcore gamer who had to have them all, there was genuine excitement. Now, with modern consoles showing their age and throwing on more and more gimmicks like so much makeup to compensate, it's hard to really get properly enthused about any of them.

Out of nowhere came Ouya and, based on the $2.6 million it raised in 24 hours alone, it's safe to say it has succeeded in renewing that excitement. That's a stark contrast to the general feeling of malaise at this year's E3. I'm excited too -- but cautiously so.

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smashcrashbash2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Give it up already. Sony and Nintendo have been in the gaming biz for decades. Do you really think something like this is enough to nudge them out? Just shut up already.

@ Fishy Fingers. Yeah that is basically what most articles are saying, how this is the future of gaming before it is even out or a success

Fishy Fingers2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Calm down pissy pants. Nobodys saying its going to "nudge" anybody out.

Edit: Then we're reading different articles.

ABizzel12200d ago

I think it's a great device targeted for the casual audience who enjoy playing games on their phones. For $99 this console will be a serious threat to the casual market that traditional consoles hope to gain.

But then there's the argument of why buy this console when you can get the exact same experience on your phone at all times?

It seems like a great first console for a child. IMO to stop this threat all MS, Sony, and Nintendo has to do is drop the prices of their current console to a similar range when they release the Wii-U, PS4, and Xbox 8.

It won't hurt their next console sales (because those who are buying day 1 are going to do it regardless, and the casual won't bite until the price drops to $199 - $299 range), and it provides them with a steady stream of income, while keeping a 4th competitor from taking the audience they want to obtain a few years down the line.

Autodidactdystopia2200d ago

when you sleep people jump in line.

It is potential profit in the casual market that nintendo and microsoft have been pandering to so much lately.

its not gonna knock anyone off the block but in microsofts eyes its all about the profit, so they may be losing some.

its frozen hardware so its gonna eventually show some spectacular visuals for its class. Im not sure how tegra 3 stacks up against the ati hd2600 which is related to the 360 xenons gpu but I suspect not too different as to say stuff couldn't look similair to the 360 in a year on frozen hardware. tegras output supports up to 2500x1600 so who knows

BattleAxe2199d ago

Yay, smart phone games that you can play on your TV. The software will be crap for this thing. I might be convinced if Ouya owned some studios like Naughty dog or Sucker Punch..

nukeitall2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )


"Give it up already. Sony and Nintendo have been in the gaming biz for decades. Do you really think something like this is enough to nudge them out?"

MS, BlackBerry and Palm (among others) was in the phone business for a long time before Apple beat em down into a pulp.

Decades of "experience" didn't stop Sony from beating Nintendo for 2-generations and subsequently MS from dethroning Sony.

That said, there hasn't been any success with Ouya yet. A niche group of people contributing funds doesn't mean it will sell well. This is more competing with smart phones that has HDMI out than anything, which is still a niche market.

This has more to do with execution, than idea here.

DA_SHREDDER2200d ago

Agreed Nuke. And that's why I don't even understand how Sony fits in this argument when they have been boldly setting things up like the Android partnership they announced at E3, and now with Cloud gaming with Gaikai (which i think is the perfect solution to backwards compatiblity issues), oh and throw in the fact they already have handheld software that supports onlive controls. Yeah, again, why is Sony being brought up in this convo?

Microsoft and Nintendo, now those are two totally different entities and honestly at least Nintendo has first party support so they support themselves. Microsoft on the other hand are just throwing stuff up in the mix cause it's profitable, and none the less working with future technolgies being used in the science field. They think they belong somewhere in my world, but I assure you, I'm not paying monthly just to play online for anything. Sure maybe if something like free games, discounts, aka ps plus style service, but till then I think they are just lucky there are alot of stupid people out there.

Btw, when Sony's console hardware hooks up with android market aka Google play like they already have their phones and tvs like the one I have, what's gonna be Microsoft's excuse for paying to play online again? Then lets not forget that Sony already has the f2p movement.

BTW, im not one of those people who think Ouya is a bad idea. I'm all for it, there's people out there that wont mess with anything if it isn't at least android or apple related, and that's pretty much where everything is going. Which makes me wanna bring up why i think apple is gonna end up being the next microsoft. There is such thing as open network proprietary hardware. Sony will end up winning the brand loyalty war cause they cover all their bases. It's gonna take a while, but just like cliffy B's face shows, it's all gonna be worth it in the end.

stuntman_mike2200d ago

people thought that about SEGA now look at them.

but i dont see nintendo or sony, microst going anywhere soon.

user54670072200d ago's not even out yet

My prediction is that it will come out, do alright in sales, stick around a few months, maybe a year who knows then it will die out.

Patriots_Pride2200d ago

Do you not realise what this thing can more DLC and modders will support this thing like hot cakes.

vortis2199d ago

Yeah but you never own the games.

So long as none of the games ever release at the $60 price tag that's not too bad, but it's just a fisherman's dream for now.

I imagine a lot of indie devs will flood the poor thing with grade A crap (and a few gems in between...almost identical to the current mobile phone landscape) but I can't see this thing penetrating mainstream at all.

dragonyght2200d ago

oh a console for the Independent Developer nice concept

Psycho_PS3Truthh2200d ago

This ouya device will never be an miss chance for the kings at sony, when this device prove it self by making more money than the first king of consoles the PS1 then it can have a say in society as being something sony should have done.

I believe in core games from the master consoles the PS1, 2 and 3 so this device as no chance of being used in my house hold forever. This console is a beta test and should not be compared to the almighty and omnipotent PS3.

yabhero2200d ago

You're not real... The real guy is on ign.

MultiConsoleGamer2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Engadget is entirely wrong. Apple and Nintendo have already made plans to capture the same content that will be on Ouya, making it basically useless.

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