Top 5 PlayStation 3 Games Coming Later In 2012

"Fall and Winter 2012 are shaping up to be amazing seasons for the PlayStation 3 in terms of game line-ups. PS3 players can look forward to triple-A blockbuster games from Sony’s own internal studios as well as third-party publishers that range from open-world adventures, to first-person shooters, to survival horror." - JTM Games

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MultiConsoleGamer1418d ago

I can't wait for "All-Stars." Loved it at E3. Looking forward to playing it at home.

WeskerChildReborned1418d ago

I'm looking forward to Beyond and Last of Us.

Relientk771418d ago

Definitely want those when they come out

WeskerChildReborned1418d ago

@MultiConsoleGamer, sure is. Basically, anything made by Naughty Dog is GOTY material.

Campy da Camper1417d ago

Hey, what was that game they showed at E3 where the guy was walking downtown then into a club and he could hack peoples cell phones and stuff? Then he went outside and hacked the street light to cause a traffic accident then shoot out?

That game looking flipping sweet as Hell.

HammadTheBeast1417d ago

You should check out Dust 514 as well. Cant go wrong with free stuff, and the betas shaping up nicely.

JDcg1417d ago

@Campy that was Watch Dogs. That game is gonna be soooo good. Im looking forward to that over assassins creed at this point.

antz11041414d ago

I think The Last of Us got pushed to 2013.

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fermcr1418d ago

In all honesty, Sony has no exclusive coming later in 2012 that I'm really interested. All-Stars is not my type of game. Maybe I'll be interested in Sly 4, depending on reviews.

To bad that the last of us and god of war are for 2013.

cpayne931418d ago

Hell yeah, can't wait for that game at all. It's the party game for ps3 I've been waiting on.

morkendo231417d ago

is that all sony has to offer on ps3 ONLY open world adventurers, and EXTREMELY over milked over rated first person shooter and zombie survival horror games?? only non-violent games "ALL-STAR ROYAL" GRAN TURISMO 5,NFS HOTPURSUIT,RAYMAN,JAX AN DAXTER,RATCHET AN CLANK,MARVEL VS.CAPOM 3,SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4,VIRTUAL FIGHTER 5 very low on alternative non FPS,multiplayer games.

HammadTheBeast1417d ago

Are you being sarcastic? Because Dust 514 is coming, which is an MMOFPS, which will grow like a PC game, which beats mostly anything out there. And its free, which invalidates your arguments.

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ThatGuuy771418d ago SpamShowReplies(1)
Relientk771418d ago

Cant wait for:

Assassin’s Creed 3
Borderlands 2
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

BitbyDeath1418d ago

Missing LBPKarting, thats what i'm most looking forward to.

Psycho_PS3Truthh1418d ago

Hitman, assassins creed 3, sly cooper and ps allstars will be purchase for my playstation 3 console. It will be a great time to play games even though last year is a better year for exclusive.

Cannot wait until next year though, it looks to be a year that will challenge 2011 when it comes to amazing games.

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