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tayz2265d ago

i will admit this screenshots look pretty good. still wont get the game tho if theres no online.. i have these games for gcn.

WeskerChildReborned2265d ago

-.- Not everything need's online. I enjoyed this game playing CPU or just playing with a buddy.

Neo-Axl2265d ago

If these games were good enough back in the day without online, Then they'll be just as Good with a HD upgrade & Trophy/Achievement system included, Sure it'd be cool to have online added.. But I'd rather NOT play these games online.

I don't enjoy fighting games online in the slightest.. Not saying it would ruin the games, But it actually gives value to the games in my point of view, being a Dragon Ball Z fan suffering all these crappy recent DBZ games the past few years.

If you enjoyed the games back then nothing will stop you enjoying them now. Just keep playing them on Gamecube or whatever, The rest of us will enjoy the HD remakes. Sorted!

Ryasha2265d ago

I'm not getting it for a more worthwhile reason: The lack of Budokai 2.
You can't have a "Collection" without the game that came out in the middle.

WeskerChildReborned2264d ago

That suck's that Budokai 2 is not included but i'm still buying the collection cause i love DBZ.

TenkoTAiLS2264d ago

I'm totally with you on this one, first Silent Hill, then this. I'm not supporting a "collection" that's missing a game. Especially when we know they can easily fit 3 PS2 remasterd on the one disc as evidenced by other HD Collections.

Plus i loved the board game on Budokai 2, going around unlocking all the capsules etc. If we keep shelling out for half assed collections companies will thinks its all good to stiff us on content. So I'm voting with my wallet by not buying it. I'll stick with my Gamecube versions which work fine on the Wii, or I could always pull out the old cube itself haha.

WeskerChildReborned2265d ago

Game look's great. Hopefully be picking this up day 1.