The Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – An Assault on Writers’ Freedom in Gaming

Dave Walsh writes:

"Not many games in the short history of gaming have the innate ability to tug at the player’s heartstrings while spinning a narrative worthy of both dissection and deep reflection, yet we live in the age where games like Mass Effect 3 exist. Storytelling through the medium of gaming has been sparse, to say the least. Many of us grew up under the simple pretenses of a linear point A to point B narrative; save the princess, jump your way to the end of the level, defeat the boss."

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Philoctetes2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I agree that developers have the absolute right to write the story that they want to write. And I have the absolute right to point out that the ending they chose to write was complete shit. That's not infringing on the writer's freedom -- it's just me exercising my freedom as somebody who forked over $120 to Bioware between ME2 and ME3.

One point where I agree with the article though is that I haven't downloaded the new ending either. I moved on from this game months ago and I don't have any desire to sit through a bunch of cutscenes to fix the ending of a game I'm already done with.

Seriously though, if you think video games have any sort of artistic merit, then you can't come back and argue that developers and writers are immune to criticism on artistic grounds.

cooperdnizzle2227d ago

Well said man, i agree with you 100%. Bubbles for you.

Gaming1012227d ago

It isn't just the fact that they came up with a story with an ending that had little changes depending on which story arc you chose, it's also that they marketed the game as having huge impacts in the story depending on what you did in ME2, when quite frankly all you saw was one big explosion, the only thing that mattered being your readiness score which determined how many people died at the end, and how destroyed earth was in the blast. A big cop out, with no details as to what happened to who, it provided no closure, and people had every right to be upset given the overwhelming amount of hype about how much the story would be greatly affected by all of your actions - gamers aren't that stupid, and we felt like we were being sold a bill of goods.

SageHonor2227d ago

Great post. I personally havent touched the singleplayer since march lol

MacDonagh2227d ago

You can't claim artistic integrity if you've got someone who represents your critics (Jessica Chobot who represents IGN) in your game. It's the grossest conflict of interest I've ever seen in a video game that utterly undermines all of the hard work that has been put into the series by the various programmers, designers, concept artists etc.

I just wish we can all just move on from this affair and have learned some important lessons.

Run_bare2227d ago

Mass Effect proud themselves as game which the player make decision and create his/her own path. I am excited by this idea and i also have every right to criticize the ending. What really irks me is about the 16 different endings they suggest while it's really 3.

I am happy they allowed themselves to be in their fans shoes. I will keep supporting them as they support their fans.

Hicken2227d ago

Wasn't the ending they gave us not the real one they wanted to give, due to it being leaked? If that ending was already changed, then what writers' freedom was left? They already gave it up by changing the ending before release.

nofallouthero2227d ago

im getting tired of this articles claiming fans have to much power
because this is the first time in a long time that they actually listened
the ending had plot holes that are now filled end of story

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