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10 reasons why Ouya will fail

Game industry analyst Kevin Dent gives his 10 reasons why the Ouya console will fail. (Android, Industry, Next-Gen, Ouya)

-Mika-  +   1047d ago
"Ouya was recently overfunded to the tune of $3 million on Kickstarter (it’s currently at $4.16m at the time of writing)… and one has to ask: what the heck is going on? Is this is Kickstarter bubble we’re in? Are people nuts? Giving $4 million to a product concept that doesn’t actually exist? An Android console?"

Omg this. Im going to laugh so hard when all of those people get scammed out of their money.
archemides518  +   1047d ago
lol it's just the insides of a tablet without a screen or battery....not that hard to make. It's popular because it's completely open, while having the possibility of having the hardware standardized like current "regular" consoles.
xursz  +   1047d ago | Well said
I dont't care if it fails or not, as I'm not invested in it. But seriously, these "[X] Reasons [X] Will Fail" articles just need to stop. It's ridiculous already.

Wii, Wii-U, PS3, 3DS, Vita, and too many games to begin mentioning, have all been targets.

Rated down for silly journalism.
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Brownghost  +   1046d ago
@xursz, especially the vita
ForkInSocket  +   1046d ago
@xursz I wish people would learn what journalism is. Hint: you won't find it in a blog post.
Flavor  +   1046d ago
Who is going to sit at home to play casual mobile games...
Soldierone  +   1046d ago
The thing I don't understand is, are they paying to make the games exclusive and/or the console exclusive to its structure? Aka no one else can make a F2P system? Or use their games?

The reason I ask is because Google already tried this standardized thing with Android and it fails because so many new phones release all the time. Sony and MS are already doing it with their phones and neither have yet to push it.

What I'm getting at is, whats stopping another company from making another console? Then more people jump in, and before long the console market is as full of crap and useless upgrades as the phone market.....with 10 different companies making 50 different consoles, and out dating this console within 6 months.....
Arnon  +   1046d ago
Kickstarter works with pledges, not donations, so no... people are not being "scammed" out of their money.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1046d ago
I don't think people are really interested in the legality/technical as much as the intention/result.

If you ask for money for something and don't do it....I'm going to call it a scam.
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cleft5  +   1046d ago
For those of us who actually know a little something about console development and why the Big 3 are a closed network it is pretty obvious that Ouya is questionable at best. The reality is that the Ouya creators claim they want to sell games from Indie developers and major developers. Yet they support hackers altering the system, if they allow this to happen freely then hackers will make it so you can download all the games for free. Just look at a jail broken ipod device, you can download everything for free, including the paid stuff. So piracy is their first huge issue, but unlike the other system there is nothing the Ouya creators can do to stop it since this is an open source platform and any attempts at limiting hackers would be seen as going back on their promise to support hackers.

If they are able to get around that huge problem, then they have to deal with the issue of the types of games being sold on the console. Specifically, will they allow people to create and sell Adult games on the Ouya. This is something that the big 3 will not do and thats fine because they are a closed network, Ouya is an open source network. In their little kickstarter video they claim that anyone can put any type of game on the Ouya, well any type of game includes Adult games. This means that Ouya will very quickly become known as the "porn" console. The same way Nintendo is stuck with that stupid "kid" console label.

The next question is how do you get games for the Ouya? Where do you buy Ouya games from? A very simple question that the Ouya creators haven't completely answered. It is my assumption that this will be the first download only console. Now their is the question of where do gamers buy these games from? I can only assume and hope that their will be an Ouya store to buy and download free and pay to play games. If their is a store, how do they guarantee that ones purchase is secure and games aren't just illegally download? This brings back up the question of piracy. It's one thing to create and sell a system, but they aren't just making a console, they also have to create a place for gamers to buy the games from. Also, where do you buy an Ouya from, I doubt retailers are going to be interesting in stocking a download only console. So does this mean we are all ordering the Ouya from a warehouse, well that's fine so long as you get the console.

Oh and my final point is that to say you are using the Android operating system means close to nothing. The reason for this is because there are several Android operating systems out there, so saying you are using the Android operating system means nothing unless you specify which one you are using. This is important because most games only support Android v. 2.3 and higher, but Android v. 2.1 is still sold in many tablets. If the latest android operating system is to expensive to license and keeps the price tag from staying at $95 for the final product, than they will go with a cheaper android operating system that will severely limit what games will be made for it and what freedom developers have with creating games for Ouya.

So yeah, I agree with you Mika. I think the Ouya is a great concept, but these guys are just after a payday. Quite frankly, with the amount of money they will make off of this kickstarter it will be better for them to just fail and keep the money than to deal with all the lawsuits that will come with a successful product. Most likely these guys will end up selling the Ouya brand to some major company and make a good deal of money.
sorceror171  +   1046d ago
The piracy depends on region, though. In the developed world, piracy rates are actually fairly low. It's in the less-developed areas where piracy rates are high.

The main issue is to make it more convenient to buy than to pirate. There will always be a certain amount of piracy, because some people will *never* pay for things... but by the same token, they weren't potential customers anyway.

The OS issue is actually in Ouya's favor. Yes, you're right, there's a lot of Android 2.1 devices out there. But that means if the Ouya comes out with Android 4.1 (Jellybean), games will be written for it for a *long* time.

Specialized app markets are nothing new, either. Amazon has their own app market, for example, and Android tablets that don't connect to Google's market still can still use Amazon's.

Don't get me wrong, I think Ouya's an iffy proposition. But not *as* iffy as you do, and not for *those* reasons.
sjaakiejj  +   1046d ago
"The main issue is to make it more convenient to buy than to pirate."

Correct, and that in its own is Ouya's problem. Ouya is branded as a hacker-friendly console, and it's open source - this makes it incredibly easy to write a simple patch for users that replaces the usual market place with a pirate market place, with the exact same look and feel. The patch would be easy to apply (hacker friendly), and people would get their games for free.
sorceror171  +   1046d ago
@sjaakiejj - At this point, rooting android devices in general is pretty easy. Just about every device has a "one click" tool to do it.

And yet, while rooting isn't *un*common, it's very far from the norm. Similarly, just because a piracy tool is convenient doesn't mean it'll be dominant. People also worry about trojans, voided warranties, bricking and bugs, etc.

Make buying apps simple and convenient and inexpensive, and a whole lot of people will buy apps with actual money.
SilentNegotiator  +   1046d ago
10) Seriously? Ouya is cheap and geared towards independent development through a popular operating system. This doesn't compare to the 3DO.

9. It's not even released yet. And you're already declaring that it won't be promoted?

8. .....and what, they'll instantly become broke? You think the IRS is going to take all $4+ million away? They're well PAST their goal, you know.

7. Hint: Not everyone playing a $100 system can afford a 60" screen, snob.

6. Ever heard of tablets?

5. Again, they're well over their kickstarter amount. And put that "100K" figure back up your butt, from whence it came.

4. Hasn't stopped people in the past.

3. PC, mobile OS's, consoles....all easily hacked, but manage to sell games.

2. It's aimed at independent development. Besides, no one expects a lot of games to be developed ONLY for that system. But it's android, none the less....development will be simple.

1. Their pledges continue to rise and it's not necessarily their only option for income. You raise $4 million.....banks and businesses are going to be willing to be a part of that venture.

Sorry, but there is not a single valid point here that spells out Ouya's instant, impending doom.
jamesensor  +   1046d ago
Dont worry about this article. He's just advocating for corporate. I say let it come out, the money raising value they got it's a clear message that some part of the community wants something different. I'm looking forward to see where this leads.
Tacklebait  +   1046d ago
I gave the them $100, not $4 million dollars. At least it goes to show people are interested.

I think it has potential. At the very least i'll be able to stream movies now to my spare tv if it bombs, which is worth $100 to me. $100 media center.

Pretty sadistic getting so much enjoyment over people getting "scammed out of their money".

It will be a ultra low entry device with potentially cheap games. I'm sure there is a market for it.
avengers1978  +   1046d ago
why buy something else that plays the same game as my... phone, tablet, pc... etc.
mertesn  +   1047d ago
I give this a slightly better chance than the Phantom console of coming to market.
SilentNegotiator  +   1046d ago
Oh come on. It's a cheap system based off a popular OS.

Its chances are lightyears ahead of Phantom's, even if you have no faith in it.
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sjaakiejj  +   1046d ago
It'll come, it'll fail, and it'll be forgotten.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1047d ago
It might succeed and it might not, let's just wait and see.
Oh_Yeah  +   1046d ago
this will probably succeed, endless amounts of free games + apps, open platform, emulators, homebrew, no limitation in media codecs...meaning it can play mp4, blu ray rips, mkv, avi, etc, it comes with a dev kit, so with skill you can make your own games. what this is...is a console closest to a computer we can get. consoles of today (ps3, xbox) are computers with strict locks on them (jailed) meaning only sony and microsoft has a say in what can go on it..this new console is more open with less supervision (probation) its up to the people and the devs to make it great..pc's are able to do everything (free) this is the mid ground, if it receives alot of support, theres no doubt it could be a great alternative to locked consoles and pcs. great for the developers, gamers, bootleggers, hackers, kids, movie buffs and everyone in between.

if this comes with a good gpu, steam service, big hard drive, then yes it could seriously shake up the console industry

this is a direction sony wanted ps3 to be capable of at first with linux but they removed that because it left flaws in their security.
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sjaakiejj  +   1046d ago
"is a console closest to a computer we can get"

Or we could just buy a PC. How many big name developers do you believe will actually ever make any game for this console?

Considering it's hacker friendly, I'd say that number is pretty close to 0. Even Indie developers need to have some form of income, and Ouya is the least likely of all platforms to deliver that.
Oh_Yeah  +   1046d ago
@ sjaakiejj

can you find a quad core pc, android tablet, smart phone, console that comes with a dev kit for 99$? no doubt a decent pc would be better but let me know when you find one for that cheap.

Every dev starts from somewhere.
this would be a perfect chance for indie devs or people who want to learn that are unable to afford the costs of sony's/microsofts dev kits and fees to showcase their talent. as for the big boys? their games can be streamed from onlive or if they somehow incorporate a steam like service for the big games thatd be even better.

im sure alot of devs will take a shot making games for this..free games, pay to play games, every kind of game, piracy is just as easy on pc, they still make games for it right? they still make money right?
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sjaakiejj  +   1046d ago
"this would be a perfect chance for devs unable to afford the costs of sony's and microsofts dev kits and fees to showcase their talent"

It's even easier, and thanks to Steam more secure and cheaper, to develop games for PC.

"piracy is just as easy on pc"
No it isn't. Piracy on PC is more often than not a mess. Since Ouya supports hackers, a simple patch can be made available that completely replaces the Ouya marketplace with a pirate market place. Since Ouya is a console, developers are unable to implement their own security measures, as they are on PC. It has never before been that easy to pirate a game.
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Oh_Yeah  +   1046d ago
dude utorrent/pirate bay.....games, movies, music etc at the click of your finger. same thing man. piracy on pc is simple enough for 10 year olds. 360 is cracked almost wide open, same as wii, the ps3 is almost there also. those take extra work though. im sure xbox/ wii have sold many units based on the fact they can be hacked relatively easy. this being pre cracked means it wont sell?....okay then.
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archemides518  +   1047d ago
Sounds like somebody wants to keep his job!! LOL
Summons75  +   1047d ago
Haha such a true list, at least someone has some common sense.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1047d ago
Yea i don't see any developers like Epic or anyone that really works on consoles moving to Ouya.
dark-hollow  +   1047d ago
Maybe because its not aimed for the big boys to make games for this platform?

People need to understand whats this product is aimed for and what it tries to achieve.
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Kaneda  +   1047d ago
This console relies on indie developers at first. If they can create some cool games people want to play. Big Boys will jump in...
Summons75  +   1047d ago
doubtful, do you really see Bioware just letting people play mass effect 3 for free? NO they wanna get all the money they can get....not to mention Ouya can't run anything bigger than a cell phone game
lampoflava  +   1046d ago
@Summons75 I do believe an Xbox has 512Mb of ram between GPU and CPU. The OUYA has 1gb of ram. Also if the OUYA fails I'll use it as a media player/emulator.
Kaneda  +   1046d ago
Not for free.. Just like Apple app store. You can buy games off the app store. If you Unreal Engine can make mobile iOS games.. why not for Android...
cleft5  +   1046d ago
Last time I checked, Indie developers liked money too and you are fooling yourselves if you don't think this console will be hacked to allow for all games to be downloaded for free. Until the Ouya creators start talking about how they intend to combat piracy I will continue to view this console as questionable at best.
bobshi  +   1046d ago
@lampoflava yes but it isn't the same kind of RAM, and also it isn't quite as simple as that either.

You're right about failure though - even if this wasn't able to play games at all it is still a good buy for those reasons.
Nerdmaster  +   1047d ago
I'm afraid that after it fails, gaming related funding on Kickstarter will take a huge hit.
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1047d ago
I'm not convinced it will fail. It seems like it will have PSN/XBLA style games and I like those. It's cheap and offers something new. I'm all for it. And if I lose my $129 investment, oh well.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1047d ago
Yea, it will probably have alot of indie games.
lampoflava  +   1046d ago
@ConstipatedGorilla I agree to the fullest.
dillydadally  +   1046d ago
I agree too. I think these types of articles are stupid. We don't know anything about the console at this point other than it has an awesome designer, a really killer idea, and a whole lot of interest. So any guesses about its success at this point are just ignorant conjecture. All they can really say is we don't know enough to say whether it will fail or not, so don't give them money! Well, they have a whole lot of money and interest for an awesome idea, so I'm going to guess it's going to at least be somewhat successful. But than again that's just conjecture ;)
joeorc  +   1046d ago
"I'm not convinced it will fail. It seems like it will have PSN/XBLA style games and I like those. It's cheap and offers something new. I'm all for it. And if I lose my $129 investment, oh well."

the point is many are missing about this unit's in which you touched on is the very core design it was built for.

Its not so much that many think it's going to fail, its what it will not fail at. that's the point people are missing. The system will not fail at creating a talking point of forcing the point that far too many games today are more costly and too much time in development that it's really breaking the back of some development houses. SOME OF WHICH HAVE HAD TO CLOSE!


and it being this Public about it?

Yes the internet makes the news that much faster to hear, but the point is many development studios have had to close their door's, this genertion.

what this Console does is Help smaller development studio's or inhouse publishing to flourish.

what may be needed for a large development studio or plublisher to make it in the market would not be needed for a much smaller publisher and development studio to stay in the market and be able to make their game's for people to enjoy.

The system has Android 4.0
The games will be distributed on their network for digital download. So yes it is a digital download only system unless people want to sell their game on say an SD card, which they could. you could sell your game on a SD card that you could publish yourself if you wish. even so far as using their service. would you do it, most likely no, but you could.

this is going to the core concept of PC gaming when it was in its infancy. people sold white label 5.25 floppy disk games at trade shows.

you could sell it and make some money, you as in yourself. publish, develop it. no one else. this system is offering a way to do that. with the least amount of restriction to a developer.

with that comes good and bad, and that is just like anything. good pc games and software and bad pc games and software. this is with everything , your system cost is many times less though.

$100.00 for a completely open system may not be for everyone, but atleast it's not asking for much for what's in the system. and for what the system offer's. Hey it has the same chipset as the Nexus 7 that google is offering at half the price.

not bad if you ask me.
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sjaakiejj  +   1046d ago

Yes. Studios have been closing for as long as the industry has been around. It happens everywhere in the world, in every business.

The economical crisis has somewhat accelerated this effect, but not only in the games industry.

"what this Console does is Help smaller development studio's or inhouse publishing to flourish. "
No, it won't. Smaller companies need the money even more than big-name publishers and developers. For them to use a platform on which you can freely, and legally, pirate your games will not be an attractive option.
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Baka-akaB  +   1047d ago
i remember when kickstarter was used when someone had an idea then using those funds to build something or continue to fund it.

instead it looks like the product is already built and in actuality is using kickstarter as a retail front. too bad people dont see it like this. this feels and seems like a smash and grab.
Anyway i never was keen on kickstarter as imo being able to fund a project should be a "good" filter imo , and since i always felt the system would be abused sooner or later .

It seems it's starting a bit now with such projects
dark-hollow  +   1047d ago
"the product is already built and in actuality is using kickstarter as a retail front"

Because mass producing this product is cheap! /s
dillydadally  +   1046d ago
"instead it looks like the product is already built and in actuality is using kickstarter as a retail front."

And what's wrong with that? I mean, this has gotten something incredibly awesome (imo) out there so people know about it and buy it, and that money is going to help them produce it. It also proved people's interest before they invested tons of money in producing it. They likely would not have had the money to produce it if not for this.

Also interesting enough is your argument is the opposite of the penny arcade one - they say they haven't produced anything or even finalized anything and you say it sounds like it's already built. I think that underscores the problem with these types of articles. We really don't know much and any guesses about whether this will succeed is conjecture at this point - but no one can deny it's an awesome idea, which is really what people are funding.
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joeorc  +   1046d ago
This is not about trying to smash and grab funds as far as im aware, but the fact that the prototype is there and the guy who made "one laptop per child" is involved i doubt very much this is a grab at people's money. the fact that you do not have any money paid unless the kickstarter goal is done is what makes it feasable. your funds are not removed or your not going to see your money if it was taken and no product made than your money is returned.

that's why kickstarter works!

The fact that well known people use it to make start up project's and have for gaming is a blessing. Just look at Steve jackson's OGRE start up project. Steve has been in the gaming industry for a very long time, and he used Kick starter. Nothing wrong with it using it to get production on component's needed for the mass production of your product.

at least in my opinion, the point is they have a working prototype. that is at least something of substance.
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artdafoo  +   1047d ago
Without developers wanting to make games for it, it wont matter if this thing is as powerful as a supercomputer.
MacUser1986  +   1047d ago
Number ten is the only reason they really needed to give.
dillydadally  +   1046d ago
3DO? The reason the 3DO failed was it was $600 at the same time as the SNES. Obviously not a problem Ouya has. The 3DO isn't even relevant. Just the fact that the author referenced it in this regards lowers his credibility.
Rock_On_PS4  +   1047d ago
Ouya is not Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft.
Excited2play  +   1046d ago
I'll be surprised if OUYA actually becomes a mass-produced commercial product. Manufacturing can bring many unforeseen obstacles.

I wish them the best. The industry is growing stagnate and anyone who's been playing games as long as i have knows it.

who knows what innovations a little silver cube could bring.
lampoflava  +   1046d ago
I see it as a chance at something new, it's not meant to go head to head with the big three.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1046d ago
Exactly. Its not hard to see Ouya will achieve some sort of niche success at least. Some people just can't help feeling insecure when they perceive something as a threat which Ouya isn't.
-Gespenst-  +   1046d ago
Kickstarter annoys me. It's largely just idiots with their crappy ideas who have the audacity to ask us to fund them.

Kickstarter needs to be heavily policed.

As for the Ouya, I don't want an android console because android is balls and I just hate this generation of "apps", iOS, android, smartphones etc. However, maybe if it was a more powerful console like a ps3 or a 360 it'd be interesting, but that's never gonna happen.

I'm happy with regular consoles. Give them more accessible tech and next gen'll be as good as the ps1 and ps2 were.
ALLWRONG  +   1046d ago
I know everyone here secretly wants one.
MiamiACR21  +   1046d ago
"10 Reasons I don't have anything else to write other than another 10 reasons something will fail article"
SpecialK  +   1046d ago
I dont see it having much appeal with gamers accustomed to consoles and PC games.

But I can imagine that such an open platform like this would be really attractive to someone who's hobby is in making little games and apps who wants something they can practice on.

Who knows many of them might learn enough to then start making indie games for mobiles, tablets and even for small console games.

I wont get one, but then im not interested in coding or making games. But many people are and this could lower the barrier for them to start tinkering.
OmniSlashPT  +   1046d ago
Sincerely, I think it's more probable for the Dreamcast 2 to come out than the OUYA to be sucessfull...the video-game industry is not easy at all, the indie market is expanding, yeah, but you can't simply make a console out of nowhere and expect to compete with the big ones. It offers indie games? I play them on both consoles and pc. F2P? been playing them for years. 99$ console? the PS2 is also at 99$...
joeorc  +   1046d ago
people are missing the point
".the video-game industry is not easy at all, the indie market is expanding, yeah, but you can't simply make a console out of nowhere and expect to compete with the big ones."

do you know who is one of the people backing this OUYA thing?


you do know who that is right? the co founder of the xbox project over at microsoft! until the suits started to take the xbox project away from him because it became too popular, and he felt it was no longer what the xbox was about, after 18 years at microsoft he left. Robbie bach 22 years at microsoft same with him.

I would not count this thing out, and many i think are making this mistake. I would Say Sony is keeping a very keen eye on this thing, and like i said before if the system does indeed gather that developer interest, Sony has the playstation Mobile platform ready to go for this thing.

Have people really not seen what the mobile chipset's are capable of?

or are they just choosing to ignore it or say it would not matter anyway?

think about this:

the chipset that is in this OUYA system is more robust than what's in the Nintendo Wii. A game console that is made for the Living room. and you can buy this system for $99.00 how much is the Wii right now? even today. That I think is exactly what people are missing. This is more about Developers taking back the industry, from the big giants. IF they were not making money on their work before, than it would not matter if they supported this system anyway right. If people stole it they can alreay do that on any platform.

Though with the OUYA they have at least the control over what they make and when it needs to go to production. they are the developer, the publisher the CEO. their own Boss!
Mottsy  +   1046d ago
Ya, I mean who really wants new toys/ ideas being funded. I was happy when the rock wheel was invented, now we have all these fancy people trying to give us more entertainment at a differnt direction. Don't these people understand, we don't want video games , we don't want new systems or new ideas. Get with the program!
Bladesfist  +   1046d ago
As an independent developer I like the idea of the Ouya. It's a console which I can use to do whatever I please with, not a piece of hardware with software on it preventing you from doing things with your hardware (Current consoles).

I don't see why people have to be so negative towards it, if you like having consoles that restrict use carry on.
wollie  +   1046d ago
exactly, nice comment.
darkgod  +   1046d ago
wth is this...
xGrunty  +   1046d ago
I should write an article called "10 reasons why I hate articles that are about 10 reasons for blah blah blah."

modesign  +   1046d ago
ill give you 3 reasons this console will fail.
1. no ones heard of it.
2. no ones heard of it.
3. no ones heard of it.
Incipio  +   1046d ago
I'll give you three reasons it won't fail:

1) Marketing
2) Marketing
3) Marketing

Once the public sees a TV ad for a 100 dollar console that plays all their android favorites and is an open-door invite for indie developers, and comes with an awesome controller, people will eat this up.

The reason this will sell well is it's inexpensive and will support games already in existence (Android) and opens up doors for massive indie growth.

Plus, with over 4 million raised, you bet your ass they are gonna have investors and banks lining up to see what they've got.

Public interest like this doesn't go unnoticed or without some level of success.
Incipio  +   1046d ago
I, for one, think this is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for indie devs and low-budget gamers to have some fun. I hope Ouya goes far. The video game industry is suffering at the hands of big publishers grabbing for everyone's money. This is a much-needed refresher. I'll be investing a small amount in this, not that they need it at this point! lol!
Sarobi  +   1046d ago
All it needs is one reason for people to buy it:
1.) Android OS.

In the current generation where a good majority of not-so-tech-savy people are aware of ANDROID and worship the devices that have it (smart phones/tablets/etc..) it isn't hard to see someone go "oh this is android? it must be cool".. this kind of product can do very well on the market at its price point, even if it isn't on par with the big 3 console companies

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