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chukamachine2260d ago

You do notice a trend though, i'm just glad i'm not a sheep.

Apple crowd would buy anything that comes from apple, iphone,ipod,ipiss,isnot.

Americans will proudly shout from the tree tops, we have the best selling console in usa.

Ninty followers will play cartoons and the same old mario,mario kart. While ninty tells everyone they are hardcore.

SONY just pump out AAA games for all.

nintendojunkie282260d ago

Sheep huh?...Have you actually read your comment?

Pot,prepare to meet kettle....

chukamachine2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

People can't handle the truth.

If you bought a tv and it broke 3times, would you carry on with the same brand or buy a another type. Someone with a brain would buy a new type of tv. People that carry on buying are sheep, caught up in sheep like nature of following the herd. Pledge of Allegiance speaks volumes.

Nintendo make toys, numchucks are toys, mario is a kids game, these are facts. Nobody is saying you cannot enjoy them, but they are not aimed at adults. little me's are for children, your probably very young.

Apple makes simplistic os's for idiots to understand. For everyone else there's android.
Some idiotic people still think steve jobs created the first mouse, ahhahahahahah.

As for SONY.

All they do is make games, and the hardware is rock solid.

Consider this.

I never bought, gamecube,xbox or ps2 last gen.

But the amount of smack people talk about SONY before the PS3 came out amazed me, and it still goes on today.

nintendojunkie282259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yeah,I'm in my 30's,I'm willing to bet that I'm older than you.Further more,your ignorance is astounding,from poor grammar to that bizarre "Pledge of Allegiance" comment.....????

Apple's os is the prototype for all modern PC os's.There was no windows before MacOS,no Google Android before iOS.Apple,much like Nintendo laid the ground work for modern electronic innovation in their respective fields.They break the way and assume the risks,while others struggle to play catch-up.To dismiss a company as big as apple or nintendo,as well as the millions upon millions of customers who use their products as being youngsters or morons who can't color inside the lines is,to use your term "idiotic" and that's an understatement.

Clearly the only one talking smack here is you,if your happy with your playstation...well then stop trolling nintendo related articles and play the damn thing.

Thus,I reiterate ..Pot,meet kettle.

Khordchange2260d ago

no it cant possibly sell that well, pachter said it wouldn't

IQUITN4G2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

This really is the best place to hear fans of systems not performing as well as another certain Nintendo machine. Nobody here would or could really question the might or potential of the Vita but any sensible person would agree that it's position is a little shaky looking for now. And this may drastically improve anyway

The argument that people just buy into shit because of a name is just too funny. It obviously helps but if said product is without worth then it's doomed. DS and Ipads sell well because of what they offer and do. Vita's potential is there but getting to that isn't something all companies will manage quite as well

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