Comic-Con- Beyond: Two Souls New Video, Actors

IGN- Ellen Page won't be the only actor in Beyond: Two Souls -- the latest game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter have been announced as costars in the 2013 title.

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alexcosborn1957d ago

Exciting stuff! So pumped for this game.

Army_of_Darkness1957d ago

with all that crap on her face and funny black tights all over your body... LOL! I would fail so hard cause I would just keep laughing at my co-stars!

zeeshan1956d ago

I simply love Ellen Page! This game looks stunning beyond... well, everything! CAN'T WAIT!!

Beyond and Last of Us are the two games I am extremely pumped for! It's gone be one hell of a ride next year!

mewhy321956d ago

I'm really hyped about this game. Can't wait!!!

Nimblest-Assassin1957d ago

I've decided im not going to watch any gameplay, or any related videos . Im going to buy the game, and play it so I don't spoil the story for myself like heavy rain and Arkham City....

MrDead1957d ago

That’s probably for the best. Saying that the gameplay that I've seen just left me asking a million questions, but the less known the better.

NastyLeftHook01956d ago

same here, why knock down the experience.

Thatguy-3101956d ago

I want Ellen Page in Uncharted !!! She will be a perfect voice actress just like the chicks in the game. I think in the future we will see hollywood stars playing roles in video games.

AIndoria1956d ago

First comment to NOT get a disagree. Cheers, sir!

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MrDead1957d ago

I can’t wait to find out what the hell’s going on, I’ve seen a lot of gameplay and its left me very intrigued.

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JohnApocalypse1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

What about William Defoe? I want him in the game more

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RAM-351957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

YouTube link

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The story is too old to be commented.