Grand Theft Auto V to Take Over gamescom 2012?

"Rockstar Games' announcement of Grand Theft Auto V during November of last year spiked enormous anticipation and with gamescom 2012 just over a month away, notable signs point towards its reappearance. Despite being announced over eight months ago, the public has yet to see true gameplay from Rockstar Games' latest project and details are beyond scarce as a teaser trailer is all gamers have to assess."

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bub162346d ago

I swear i read years ago that they were trying to make gamescom just as big as E3. Wasnt PS3 slim first shown here aswell?

I hope we see TONS of GTA footage!

Unlimax2346d ago

Trust me .... YOU WILL :] !

. . . Someday .

alousow2346d ago

to me this show is already big.

WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

I'm hoping they do too also if they would possibly have a 2012 release date, now that would be amazing.

LightofDarkness2346d ago

I think they said they wont have anything to show for quite a while today, so I doubt it.

StayStatic2346d ago

Depends if Half-Life 3 is announced

robavila952346d ago

Didn't they confirm that GTA won't appear at Gamescom?

unchartedxplorer2341d ago

Possible. Rockstar said that they 'weren't in a position to show more gameplay'. They might show some gameplay at gamescom. But judging at rockstar's history I don't think they will show any gta v at gamescom. Who knows though (besides rockstar) they might be preparing some gameplay as we speak!