First screenshots from Windows Vienna (Vista's successor) writes: "Don't ask us how we've obtained them, we'll just tell you that they're from a Chinese source. We warn you that these are not fake images, they actually come from Microsoft's next operating system, code-named Vienna (and previously known as Blackcomb"

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rbanke3705d ago

"We warn you that these are not fake images"

Why do we need to be warned?

likeaboss3023705d ago

All you have to do is hack the registry and change some values in Vista to make screen shots like this. I'm not buying them one bit.

goretooth3705d ago

looks too much like windows vista to me, i dont see them being real

jacobdevos3705d ago

i hope this guy didn't pull too many 'chinese strings' to get a hold of vista screenshots

BigBoy20003705d ago

that means we're all in for another glitch filled OS to deal with! YAY! I can't wait to not use it! I'll stick with XP for the time being; they've seemed to work out most the glitches on that one.

All this means is microsoft wants to sucker more people into forking over more cash... let's face it, microsoft thinks only of its wallet and not its customers.

Kleptic3705d ago

well XP was much more well recieved than Vista...mostly because XP was an actual widely used version of windows that didn't have major problems...

remember...going to XP was coming from something like ME, which was the more popular home PC version used at the time...Windows 2000 was near flawless for many as a business app...but lacked some of the media capabilities that MS felt the home user wanted more...XP combined the good stuff of 2000 with the slim amount of good stuff from ME...and actually fell into a very decent OS for nearly everything...

with all that said though...I am a little confused as to why so many dislike Vista...I understand its a hog, and is pretty bad for gaming right now (near a full gig of OS footprint for gaming?...seriously?)...but for everything else it works just as well or better than XP in my least in my case; all the program compatability problems are fixed...and were fixed within a month of its release...

i got vista for free through work...and am running it on a Vaio c140g laptop as my work computer...its a pretty humble PC, with just 1 gig of ram, a GMA 950 unified graphics chip (sharing 224megs of the system ram), and a Core 2 duo runs aero with no problems, and everything else for that matter...after the first month, its been completely bug free...and I much prefer the better oranizational stuff for media (better start menu, better unified file library based on type...better serches, etc...)...that and the OS wide DLNA support is much better than being stuck with only wmp for streaming and sharing on a network...

again though...this laptop won't even play doom 3 at a decent rate...that GMA 950 is something any PC gamer wouldn't touch with someone else's dic, er...hands...

jaja14343705d ago

It's not so much Vista that people don't like as it's MS. Overall Vista works just fine for well everything. It plays all of my older games, except Sacrifice which required some tweaking on my part. Networking is well easy to say the least. Easy to the point where I didn't have to do anything. Though the fact that it burrowed through my routers firewall and password protection without a hitch is a bit worrisome...

Overall Vista is a fine OS that people just love to complain about because it is made my MS.

All that said, I still prefer Ubuntu and really only use Vista for the games that refuse to work with Linux and web surfing. For some reason Ubuntu does not like to render some pages correctly. *shrug*

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The story is too old to be commented.