We’ve played the controversial Tomb Raider scene, here’s what’s really happening

PC Gamer - This video of the next Tomb Raider game caused some concern. Is that creepy guy at 2m20s trying to rape Lara Croft? Anyone wondering was given their answer by executive producer Ron Rosenberg, who told Kotaku that these scavengers do “try to rape her”.

Developer Crystal Dynamics released a statement saying he mis-spoke, and that sexual assault is not a theme at any point. But it didn’t seem to persuade many – the barrage of opinion pieces condemning the inclusion of attempted rape in a videogame barely slowed.

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aliengmr2171d ago

Well that was pretty clear.

Now we can worry about this becoming a 6hr long QTE. Which actually concerns me a bit.

NovusTerminus2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Ya know... Movies cover this subject... And show far more then this game does... Hell Primetime TV covers this subject, showing far more then the game did. Criminal Minds deals with a rapist 60% of all their episodes. Tim Curry played a serial rapist who made the kids watch the act, but that's alright, it's TV!

A game does... More or less nothing, since the guys was shot before anything happened, and it is top news, and crossing the line...

Talk about a double standard.

Honest_gamer2171d ago

Can you please stop talking sense!!!!! lol

WeskerChildReborned2171d ago

Yea games aren't real and people need to realise that.

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Hicken2171d ago

Barring the troll above, seems like most people are reasonable folks this time around. At the least, they're using common sense.

Qrphe2171d ago

It's shameful stuff like this is still controversial.