EVE Online war journal: how I became an embedded reporter

PC Gamer - EVE Online is infamous for the freedom it gives players to organize, trade, build, and kill each other. I am infamous for nothing, because my pilot is greener than Kermit. After playing for just a few weeks, I hear that war has erupted in the Delve region. It seems like the perfect opportunity to see what EVE is all about, so I name my ship “PCG War Reporter” and head down to gawk.

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ForTheFallen2143d ago

Cool! I hope he updates more.

Chaotic_Cannon2143d ago

Well this I hope is a first chapter in a long running column for PC gamer. I would like to hear more about the Eve Online experience for players that dont know the back story or the infinite layers of in game choices that can make you go far in the game.

Look me up in game sometime!