Xbox "has a shot at owning the living room"

GI - Xbox president and Bing Gordon talk Xbox's reach into the home.

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-Mezzo-2052d ago

$50 XBL access should be axed, you have to pay $50 to be able to pay for service like Netflix,HBO etc.

That's Preposterous.

JBSleek2052d ago

As millions of people are willing and happy to pay for Live Microsoft has no incentive to take out Live Gold because people who want to have online access will buy it.

It is quite a sad state of affairs.

Dread2052d ago

I thought that a silver account was all you needed to get netflix and HBO go (and their respective service fees).

The gold is to play online and other premium services.

KMCROC542052d ago

You still have to pay for internet & subscrib to both Netflix,HBO .It not like you were going to get those services cause u payed for XBL only.

TBM2052d ago

for me it doesnt matter whether you get deals for these cards or not, im not paying for something that i can get on my ps3, wii, phone, tv, pc, laptop without paying a sub fee.

so no it will not own my living room because its barely used.

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dumahim2052d ago

Agreed. I don't need or want my game console to be handling all this extra stuff that I already have access to. And then pay them to access it on top of that? Forget that.

TBM2052d ago

Agreed im not that stupid to pay extra for something i already have access to. only in America where something like this can happen, and im one American who is not falling for this garbage.

Tonester9252052d ago

Exactly! I find it ironic that when the PS3 released, Microsoft called it an entertainment center instead of a gaming system due to the blu-ray. Now look who has the better quality games and who is adding all these gimmicks.

UnitSmiley2052d ago

Yeah where the majority of "gamers" don't know jack about video games and only want to play what is popular atm. Aka angry birds and cod. I live in the US myself and it's ridiculous the lack of video game knowledge some people here have. Those same people will do whatever is the "cool" thing to do, which unfortunately is the 360 over here.

I blame the people for sure, for not being interested enough in games to look up information for themselves (because I have no idea why someone would prefer the 360 over the PS3 if you knew about all the exclusives and psn+ n stuff.) But I also blame Sony to an extent. They NEED to be more aggressive with advertisements.

dcbronco2052d ago

I don't understand why people can't get a very simple thing. Sony just had a 6 billion dollar company wide loss. They have had over ten billion in losses for the last five years. They don't advertise much because they don't have the money to advertise much.

They did advertise Killzone 3 pretty well. Not many bought it though.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. But I blame people for not being interested enough in gaming to learn more about what their favorite gaming company is going through.

PixL2052d ago

It's useless in my living room.

kickerz2052d ago

U must live in a Macdonalds car park

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