What exactly is OUYA? And should we even care?

Billed as an open-source games console, OUYA’s developers claim that the console will make games less expensive to make and, more importantly for us gamers, less expensive to buy. What exactly is OUYA? And should we even care?

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3GenGames2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

We should care because the small developers who will work on it in small groups and will make games that are much better than anything else. Not to mention more games and for cheaper.

ddurand12227d ago

this is really important because it puts a home experience to the mobile games casuals are eating up right now. if the PSvita had an android market i bet its sales would be higher.

priced as low as it is, it could be really bad for consoles. well see though, its gotta get good advertising.

2227d ago