Iwata: 3D not quite as popular as it once was

Destructoid - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that the 3D fad might be dying down a little bit, and that while the visual effect makes for better graphics, it will only be a minor part of future gaming generations.

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VanillaBear2194d ago

"and that while the visual effect makes for better graphics"

I thought developers have said that if they could develop a game which dosen't use have to use the handhelds 3D then it would have better graphics.....something along those lines

Morrigan-Aensland2194d ago

If it isn't of high quality then people won't like it.

raytraceme2193d ago

Issue with 3D is crosstalk, lowering of resolution or even halving it with SBS 3d or passive 3d, the headaches it causes to some people, and worst of all the freaking glasses.

Fix these issues and 3d will be a must have.

-Mezzo-2194d ago

It was completely ignored this E3, unlike E3 2011 where everything was 3D.

StarFox2194d ago

nah you think, nintendo should make a model without the 3d and include a second circle pad. honestly i don't even use the 3d feature.

Venox20082193d ago

I love 3d on 3ds and I hope that Ninty will include it in it's new handheld someday

live2play2193d ago

they will
he says its still their prefered way to play

it provides more immersion

he just meant it wont be a key feature like it was in the 3DS

but it will still be included

Nodoze2193d ago

The 3D is AWESOME on the 3DS. I feel bad for those that don't 'get it'. I also feel that 3D adds significantly to movies (the right movies, not the post processing conversions).

browngamer412193d ago

I completely agree..My slider is always all the way up and it's beautiful..lols at the trolls below me saying the 3d sucks on the 3ds-to each his own I guess.

Frankfurt2193d ago

Only Nintendo and Sony were foolish enough to bet on 3D.

On XBox, publishers could make their games 3D if they wanted it (Enslaved, COD, Batman), but MS itself saw it for what it was - a mediocre fad.

Baka-akaB2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Rofl ... none of those games had proper 3d to begin with . Batman's 3d was only good on pc .

Last i checked most new tv sets are now sold with 3d by default , 3d movies are still strong in the industry . So it's hardly a problem or a failing bet , at least for now . It was and remains some fancy option .

One that MS is hardly ignoring , since they were hard at work to implement

JBSleek2193d ago

MOST? new TV's are sold with 3D by default. That is far from truth.

4% 3D penetration of US homes hardly speaks success.

Baka-akaB2193d ago

You are reading a bit whatever you want . I never said most tv sold are 3d ...i mentioned new models .

Go check any lineup from the likes of sony , lg , samsung , panasonic , Philips , since 2010 , or 2011 and among their new models , be it plasma or led , you mostly see sets with 3d , an a few lower entry models .

Obviously electronic stores arent just and only carrying models circa 2012 , but a wide range of screens .

And obviously at some point pretty much all newer models with have 3d included by default . It being even used or not , is another thing and debate

Right now , samsung's 2012 lineup is about 6 type of screens , and among those only one entry is without 3d . That's all i'm saying

Drekken2193d ago

Last few movies I went to see, I chose to see in 3D and they were great. Only broke minimum wage earners complain about 3D.

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The story is too old to be commented.