How Epic Games has managed to slip the chance of getting PC gaming back to their side

DSOGaming writes: "I seriously didn’t expect to be writting such an editorial piece… again. You see, when Epic Games announced that they were developing a PC game, we were delighted. Like little kids, we imagined a new Unreal Tournament game or a triple-A FPS/third person title that would push the graphical boundaries. In fact, after both Unreal Engine 4′s and Unreal Engine 3′s demonstration, we’d expecting for something mind-blowing. A Blade Runner game, powered by Unreal Engine 4? Who would say no to that? Fast forward a couple of months and here we are today, with Epic Games finally revealing the game that will be coming exclusively on the PC."

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NYC_Gamer2019d ago

Epic is more of a MS 2nd party developer now days

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

"Next-gen's here. It's been here. It's a high-end PC," Bleszinski said. He added that the dudebro-free Fortnite didn't "make sense" for Unreal Engine 3, and cheered PCs as being part of Epic's "heritage."

he is still trolling pc gamers?

screen shot.

Why do I need a high end pc? It looks like a xbla or browser game!
Should I fire up a gtx 680 for this??

@Trenta27 this is the new direction..

"Originally, Fortnite was more like Gears -- it took place in a dark, realistic and ruined world, and the enemies were more frightening. Bleszinski mentioned both Cormac McCarthy's The Road and The Walking Dead franchise as influences on that original look. But as the team played the game more and more, Bleszinski said, that vibe was just "depressing." Running in Unreal Engine 4, the game not only looks gorgeous and vibrant, but much lighter and more colorful than your standard shooter fare. Nights (which currently show up about every hour or so, though that may change) can be scary, but "daytime has this kind of fresh and clean and new bubbly feel," Bleszinski said, "which is really welcoming."

I am glad it's less scray now and more bbbb-BUBBLY??

Trenta272019d ago

It could have taken a completely different direction since that video released. They just wanted to build the hype train with that trailer.

WeskerChildReborned2019d ago

Yea next gen is here but most developers focus on the bigger audience which is the console players.

h311rais3r2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Do you really need great graphics for a good pc game? I mean seriously....I personally think it looks great. They're probably going to smack it with DX11 and advanced rendering to make it look literally like a cartoon not just models with cartoon textures.

Your complaints is exactly why the consolites hate the pc crowd. "graphics graphics or it sucks" if you like tf2 ur a hypocrite especially since crysis was out.

On topic I'm glad epic wants to come home to PCs. They could always port their games to console after.

@all the Sony try hards claiming uncharted is king's a movie...a linear movie with some shooting and climbing bits thrown in...that's why it looks so good for a console game. There's not much to it at all. It's not even hard. I have all 3 and IMO they're just glorified graphics. The gameplay is stale. Besides you all keep saying nothing can graphically top them? Pc games have been looking better since 2006....they don't have to deal with lack of AA or blurry ness of the image due to upscaling....nice try Sony try hards. Why can't you just accept the FACT that pc games will always look better??

MrGunny942019d ago

One thing is Art Style other thing is Graphics my friend... Only when we see benchmarks of this game we can talk about performance and how much it pushes.

Jreca2019d ago

So people ask for novelty against sequels, and now you get novelty and ask for basically "the same, but bigger"?

Seriously, I hope Fortnite is what everyone doesn't expect it to be. I want surprise, I want the feeling that should be the most sought after: new generation implies new forms of playing, not just under better graphics but under most capacity. AssCreed is a fine example of new capacities from new consoles, so I expect the same surprises and evolutions.

Long live gaming.

exsturminator012019d ago

I personally felt like the author was missing the point entirely. Minecraft: a game focused solely on customization and creation. Epic: a company famous for their modding tools and accessible engine. Fortnite: a potential playground for modders wanting to jump into developing on Unreal Engine 4, combing the creation based gameplay of MC and the power Epic's tools bring to the table.

And yet he complains about graphics and production values. I'm a PC gamer, and I do NOT approve of such snobbery! Long live gaming!

Eyesoftheraven2019d ago

It's way too early to be talking all this shit about Fortnight, what the hell? I'm excited to see more and hope for the best.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2019d ago

The future of gaming will always remain with console, because it is where the greatness of gaming as been since the PS1 era when the PS1 change the living rooms for all eternity. EPIC is smart to be telling sony and everyone to push the limits of the consoles and I know the PS4 will be able to run the unreal 4 better than any device in the earth.

PC will always be the game testing device and consoles will always be the place to play what as been tested HAHA.

Eyesoftheraven2019d ago

I'm not a doctor, but I fear you may have a minor case of severe brain damage.

Letros2019d ago

The jelly is strong in this one

exsturminator012019d ago

Bad Troll! Bad! Go back to your bridge and let the reasonable people talk!

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