Comparisons: Manufacturer Shipment Figures vs. VG Chartz Sell Through

Nintendo's recent release of their fiscal shipments for Q3 2008 means that VG Chartz can now make some meaningful comparisons between VG Chartz' estimates for sell through and the numbers of units that have actually been shipped to retailers. When Sony's and Microsoft's shipment data is released, VG Chartz will update the article. (01/24/08)

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Maddens Raiders3740d ago

good efforts to ensure quality and keep things transparent. Nice article.

Genesis53740d ago

Their numbers seem pretty close too.

wiizy3740d ago

vgchartz is credible to me. and has been for the past 3 months. now their numbers are as accurate as can be.....and they are exactly right. nintendo is the only manufacturer selling as many consoles as they ship

ReBurn3740d ago

I think that this boosts VGChartz' credibility somewhat. There's no way they can be dead accurate, but they don't seem to be that far off, either.