Why I'm Going to Trade-In my Vita for a Nexus 7

Joel Taveras writes, "I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wanted to believe in the Vita. No really, just check some of my older posts and you’ll see. I really believed in the “dual stick” handheld future that Sony’s trying to push on all of us, and nothing pains me more than to say that I’ve pretty much giving up hope at this point and I’m moving on and trading it all in for a Nexus 7."

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NYC_Gamer2112d ago

PSV doesn't have the software right now because many studios are working on 3DS since it has the bigger install base

Morrigan-Aensland2112d ago

Why I prefer eating a fruit salad instead of a hamburger

bintarok2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

The problem is not on vita per se. It's about people's preferences, some like it and some don't. No need to get crazy or mad if someone else has a different preference. Respect others, it's always good to have choices. Peace bros.

Morrigan-Aensland2112d ago

There are over 50 games available for the vita and it was released 5 months ago. More games will be coming out this year so I don't understand the problem. It would be terrible if the system didn't have a lot of quality titles but that isn't the case. Anyway, I can't wait for assassins creed and call of duty vita

SilentNegotiator2112d ago


This isn't about preference. It's about someone comparing a BRAND NEW dedicated gaming handheld to an Android tablet. That is insane.

Kurylo3d2112d ago

how insane is it really? these android tablets have the same amount of memory as a 360 and ps3 ... The next wave of them in the coming months will put out more powerful things then vita... the current ones can (when your creative with the development) match current consoles.

Gaming1012112d ago

I wonder how many games that cost 1-5 bucks will be anywhere near as good as Uncharted, or Wipeout, or Super Stardust, or Assassin's Creed, or Call of Duty... oh that's right, none of them. Not even close.
He complains about the Vita having shovelware, and so he trades it for an Android which has 100% shovelware. Complaining and whining abound.

bintarok2112d ago


He says "The Vita has a 5 inch 960×540 resolution OLED display, while the Nexus has a seven inch 1200×800 IPS panel and yet it manages three more hours of battery life than the handheld."

That's insane indeed for some (not him) knowing that a new dedicated sub-HD gaming handheld to be replaced by a brand new tablet, and many would still call him insane for choosing a better device with better battery. He does not care about quality softwares/games, right?

extermin8or2112d ago

@kurylo3D: I'd agree if memory made or destroyed a device but it's what you do with the memory that counts (I'm assuming you are talking RAM) with an android you can be certain a fair portion of that memory is running android, and the various apps that have to/or you were running; the vita's OS is designed with gaming in mind so should use less, yes it can multi task but not in the same way as a tablet plus it has a quad core processor running at i belivve around 2 ghz and a better gpu soo you know; and I suggest the author go look at the new Assassins Creed Liberations trailer WOW-yet not even a mention of it being a standout game at E3 in his article....

Kurylo3d2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Im not saying that current android is more powerful then the vita. Though android uses little to no memory. Its made with that in mind since it has been used for phones from the start which most have little no memory lol. In either case I think we can all agree android and apple smart phones and tablets arent going anywhere. Vita could die.. or it can go through its life cycle and get replaced.. either way it wont be around forever and its limited to just games.

You look at the technology on some of these newer tablets and the ability to make something great is there.. the technology i mean. The developers however havent flocked toward it yet since most of them make mad money on shitty little games. Look at angry birds.

Im telling you, in the future android and smart phones will kill mobile consoles. Hell my tablet has the whole rear camera and front camera too lol. Its nothing special anymore. And tablets come out every year. Gaming handhelds come out every 5- 10 years right?... Quite frankly its like the pc vs console argument.. except people need phones. If they have a phone that can do what the hand held can do... then why bother with it. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone at a cheaper cost. That is why I think handhelds are dead. Ps. Ive been playing grand theft auto 3 on my tablet for fun... bleeive me.. u dont need the controller.

xursz2112d ago

“Why I Was Wrong About the Vita”

andibandit2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )


[2 years from now]
"The Vita is amazing it just needs moar games"

seriously who wants to game on a 5 inch screen.

miyamoto2111d ago

Trade it by all means!

I have a Galaxy S2 but I still want a PS Vita.

badz1492111d ago

hahaha poor peasant! and he has to submit an article to tell people he has to sell something to get something else! pathetic!

kikizoo2111d ago

"Ive been playing grand theft auto 3 on my tablet for fun... bleeive me.. u dont need the controller."

don't need controler ? yeah sure, i understand, you are not a gamer.

@stupid saying "who wants to play on small screens" (vita 's one is huge and better than anything else on gaming market by the way) :

- XXXX millions people buying gameboy, ds, turbogt, lynx, psp, etc

krazykombatant2111d ago

lol that argument changes quickly doesn't it? If we were talking about ps3/x360. Bunch of hypocrites on this site.

mewhy322111d ago

well, sadly this author makes some valid points. People are becoming more and more value minded and I can understand that. I play quite a bit on my Motorola Milesone X Andriod phone and I performs quite well...the kicker. I got it for 1 penny. Yes one penny with my cell phone contract that I would have anyway.

nukeitall2111d ago

I think the threat is more from Windows 8 than Android. The fragmentation issue that plagues Android is increasingly causing problems.

Windows 8 will do away with a lot of those problems and developers have plenty of experience coding advanced games for Windows in general.

Make a mini dongle for the Xbox 360 Controller and you are good to go! Controller to bulky today, then play on the touch screen!

wages of sin2111d ago

What's a Vita?

OT: That shit is dead in the states and it's not coming back. I give it 6 more months and that's a wrap.

Nave you seen the NPD's this month? It's brutal, they're combining PSV/PSP sales so it won't look so bad and the PS3 isn't even mentioned. Get in where you fit in but at least over here, no one cares.

MaxXAttaxX2111d ago

Dude obviously bought a dedicated gaming handheld for the wrong reasons.

Have fun with your generic games.

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iiprotocolii2112d ago

The thing is that they don't only need third-party developers to push for games. Sony has a respectable list of first-party developers that can contribute to the software development of Vita games. However, *they* don't seem to be pushing it. And this is why they are at fault.

NYC_Gamer2112d ago

I believe many of Sony first party studios are more focused on bringing out their PS3 software at this point

Army_of_Darkness2112d ago

yeah I prefer Sony to keep focusing more on the PS3 games:-)

Anyways, Good luck with the trade in value lol! He'd be better off just keeping the vita and spending the extra couple hundred for the nexus 7.

SandWitch2112d ago

Didn't you notice that Sony brought sh*tloads of first-party titles at lauch? Only 5 and a half months passed, it is impossible to make a new quality game in 5 months.

Sony should have spread its first-party games, not put all of them for a launch. It was Sony's mistake and S.Yoshida admitted that.

Ult iMate2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Agreed. Sony can make great 1st party games. But I wish Sony could also push the sales of those games to the level, that those games deserves.

And the other thing with PSV, that I don't understand, is the 3rd party support. Why all those 3rd party developers make exclusive games for 3DS instead of making them multiplatform with PSP or PSV. Just like Time Travellers from Level 5. I mean multiplatform is a common trend for 6 years now.

Anyway, back to MGS HD on my Vita.

Hisiru2111d ago

@Ult iMate
Because games like Castlevania, Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts and many others already uses the second screen, 3D and many 3DS features, so it wouldn't be the same experience on PSV. Developers would need to spend more money improving the graphics, changing the layout of menus etc etc etc.

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DarkTower8052112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

PSV launched with a crapload of games, but it's summer now and since when did big games come out in summer months? Are people so impatient they can't wait till the holiday months for new games? Did they think AAA exclusives would come every month? Crazy people...

The whining about Vita is constant and annoying.

"Waaa, I want Skype!"
"Ok here."
"Waaa, I'm still unhappy. I want a Youtube app!"
"Ok here."
"Waaa, I'm still unhappy. I want more games!"
"Ok, COD, AC and more are on their way."
"Waaa, no I want them NOW!"

Seriously...grow the f*** up!

joab7772112d ago

I still think they should have built it running an android market. Had they done this, gamers everywhere would choose the vital over any tablet. Now many gamers must choose and tablets offer so much more. And really, other than young kids, and hardcore gamers, a mobile machine running triple A titles isn't appealing. Most people don't have time to play full fledged games on the go. But, if they had access to everything, then why not buy the vital.

gaffyh2112d ago

Android is not a secure enough OS, every phone and tablet running Android has been hacked I believe.

IcyEyes2112d ago

You are totally, totally right. Period.

Veneno2111d ago

Sony only had to do two crucial things correcty with the Vita in my opinion: 1. Do web browsing correctly 2. Email. Because these are the two things people use most on their devices.

As far as I've heard the web browswer is worse than the PS3 and I don't even know if Vita can do e-mail. If Sony is really honestly trying to compete with the tablets (which I dont think they are) then they have already failed. They are only truly interested in the gaming experience, which is great of course, but I worry that itwont be enough.

DrJones2111d ago

Actually they haven't released the youtube app everywhere. Many countries in Europe, mine included, haven't gotten it yet!! Where is it??

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_-EDMIX-_2112d ago

LOL, and we know about publishers PSV developed games how?

There are many studios working on PSV, its strange but i hear it actually takes time to develop games.

They don't just say "you know what...lets make a PSV game this weekend and have it out for PSV by the end of the month"

Publishers are very much working on PSV games as we speak. Because they don't talk about it, doesn't mean its not being done. If they announce a game tomorrow don't think its releasing by the weeks end. LOL.

extermin8or2112d ago

actually when playstation suite leaves beta it could for home indie devs :P it looks to me like playstations suite might quell these "I want android market" cries :)

Unexpecta2112d ago

Before people post, they should know that the PSVita has only been out for 5 months in North America and Europe. It's still a baby, but it's developing very well. To compare this with the fact that the 3DS has been out for over a year and of course it's gained popularity. One of the biggest selling points for the 3DS is not only the games, BUT the price. The 3DS is dirt cheap. Easily obtainable.

Another BUT, there are smart gamers who make the right choices and see that the PSVita is a machine like no other capable of power beyond an abyss. I've held a 3DS in my hands and then later the PSV, all I can say is that when I held a 3DS again, I felt cheap with no character, just another one passing by.

I haven't read the article, but I know what all the moaning is about. This guy is just complaining. It's okay, use your cellphone to make calls, and I'll use my Vita to game.

jujubee882112d ago

"Ragnarok Odyssey"!!!

I saw you on that article, man. I agree with you on it being one of the best RPG's for VITA so far.


Unexpecta2112d ago

Oh don't get me started on the games coming out for the PSV. If I did, I might lose control from the overload of titles dropping.

RO, AC, CoD, SxT, SH, NFS, SLY, and tons of other games. It's a shame that the author in the article didn't even take into account the infancy of the PSV or not even researching and doing some quick Google searching to find many big experiences will be releasing on this handheld in 2012.

Kurt Russell2111d ago

The problem is I am not going to play AC, CoD etc on a handheld... I will play them on my PS3/XBOX. I need a different kind of title of the Vita to get me to buy it. More of a quick fix type of game... Something I play for 10 minutes on the can and continue another day without confusion.

joeorc2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

no smartphone right now or tablet has dedicated VR Ram for their GPU's....

"Shared ram is normally used for on board graphics chipsets.

It means that the graphics chipset has no dedicated memory itself but it borrows some of the system ram to use as graphics memory."

while the PSVita HAS dedicated Ram for its GPU.

it has 128 MB of dedicated Ram for it's GPU hell even the 3DS has 6 MB of dedicated Ram for it's GPU.

Gamer's have already seen what a Handheld system with Only 4 MB of dedicated Ram can do in a Gaming Hand held, it is called the PSP. Some of the best looking, and Best playing Handheld Game experiences to date on a handheld is because the developer's know the Handheld has dedicated Ram just for its graphic's.

Yes Smartphones and Tablets can have very good games. Quite entertaining and Quite fun but their not going to out perform the PSVita in gaming until A)get more dedicated Ram for their On board GPU's and B) WHEN YOU CAN BUY ONE OFF CONTRACT LOWER THAN THE COST OF THE PSVITA! because when you buy on contract your stuck with it until your contract runs out or you pay it off,any way you look at it you are paying money for a device that has no dedicated VR Ram for it's GPU, when you buy a smartphone or Tablet.

Hisiru2111d ago

Except the 3DS has much more exclusive games that I care?

This year I can't wait for:
-Kingdom Hearts 3D
-Castlevania Mirror of Fate
-Professor Layton
-Luigi's Mansion
-Fire Emblem
-New Super Mario Bros 2
-Paper Mario
-The new Harvest Moon game
-Epic Mickey
-Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

And many others. I still play games like Kid Icarus, Resident Evil Revelations, Mario 3D Land, Mario Tenis, Mario Kart 7 and many others.

I hope Monster Hunter 4, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Bravely Default and some other games are localized in the future.

In the end it's not really about "hardware", it's all about games and if 3DS has much more exclusive appealing software, then the 3DS will be my favorite.

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Oh_Yeah2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

i dont own a vita but if i did, id mostly use it for remote play because i dont really see many games im interested in on it, if your ps3 is on 3.55 fw it supports almost all games with remote play...and thats what my ps3 is on...itd be useful for me i guess if im taking a crap or wanna lay down while playing.

jeeves862111d ago

Remote Play doesn't work very well on the Vita yet...every game I even try to play on it gives me a not supported message.

And it makes me a little sadder every day. Such great potential.

Nimblest-Assassin2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Do you know the definition of insanity?

It's seeing these pricks.... These journalists..... Doing the same thing over and over again... Expecting things to change

The vita is going to fail.... It's been 6 months.... Has it failed yet... No maybe if I write another article it might

No I believe... I believe...l ... No wait its going to fail

The same thing over and over and over and over again

That is the definition of insanity

Jaces2112d ago


I highly doubt handheld systems will be killed off. I admit I play a lot of games on my iPad but I often tire of them after a couple minutes, nothing to truly keep me interested.

There are some that have me glued for hours, Infinity Blade, Plague Inc, etc...yet again none are as deep in story and depth as a handheld's game. That and I enjoy my analog sticks and buttons, not that touch screen BS. It's near impossible to play a decent shooter on a tablet.

I was stoked for Deadspace on my iPad only to be completely turned off on how difficult it was just to move around/shoot. I believe there are going to be some amazing games in the near future once bigger developers discover the tablets more in depth, but it's silly to think tablets/smartphones will have the handheld consoles fading into oblivion over time.

smashcrashbash2112d ago

Really? So who is working on Assassins Creed for the 3DS? Or Soul Sacrifice? Or COD for the 3DS? Or Silent Hill for the 3DS? Or MVC 3 for the 3DS? Or Street Fighter VS Tekken for the 3DS? Or Sound Shapes for the 3DS? Strange how people can only see what the 3DS has but can't see what it doesn't have. Anyway that is the norm.

People always make sure and judge Nintendo's stuff on what is and not what it isn't and make sure and judge anything Sony makes on what it isn't rather then what it is. 'Why doesn't the VITA have Castlevania like the 3DS'? but never 'why doesn't the 3DS have Soul Scarface and Dragon's Crown?' No one asks why 3DS doesn't support Skype, Youtube or Flash but Sony has to make sure the VITA does or it's the guillotine for them.

tehpees32111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

There was just as much hate for 3DS last year. Games were getting cancelled and lets not even go there with the price drop and second circle pad.

And a lot of that hate was sparked by people hyping Vita. People proclaimed it as having one of the best launch lineups ever and used that to justify why it would crush 3DS.

You guys tend to forget just how much hate and gloom and doom 3DS was getting this time last year. Wii U is getting the same garbage now. People need to give Vita time and it will turn around. This gloom and doom for everything is getting annoying! Vita gets off to a slow start and its suddenly a failure? WHY?

Perhaps its a bunch of Sega fanboys who just can't live with the fact that their company failed and want everybody else to fail because of it. LOOK SEGA SQUAD = 3DS did not fail. Vita isn't going to fail. Wii U isn't going to fail.


Hisiru2111d ago

Assassin's Creed- Ok
Soul Sacrifice- New IP that we don't even know if is good.
COD- Probably a Black Ops 2 port (I hope not
Silent Hill Book- WHT????
MVC3- I have this game on my PS3 (it sold very bad on vita already, I don't think people want it on vita)
Street Fighter VS Tekken- I have this game on my PS3
Sound Shapes- WHT? What is this?

"No one asks why 3DS doesn't support Skype, Youtube or Flash but Sony has to make sure the VITA does or it's the guillotine for them."

Skype- I have this on my smartphone and PC, no reason for me to use it on my GAMING DEVICE, I would look dumb on the street.
Youtube- I have this on my smartphone and PC, why would a watch youtube videos on my GAMING DEVICE if I want to play games?
Flash- I have a much better version (with flash games) on my smartphone and PC. Why would I want it on my GAMING DEVICE?

Useless features. I want more exclusive games, not useless features I can have on another device or something that has nothing to do with gaming.

KrimsonKody2111d ago

I understand what your saying.
But, to a small degree, Sony has brought that type of attention on theirselves.
Because Sony always mention how their products will be future-proof & cutting edge, everyone is gonna demand & want what they want.

For ex;
If 10 unique people from different walks of life, approach an Sony product, everyone is gonna want it to be the best thing for them.
One may want Skype, because they use Skype alot.
Another may want tons of hardcore games, because they don't care for apps & web access.
Another may want tons of web features, because they game sometime, but would like to use web browsers, apps, email, etc. on Sonys' high tech intuitive device.

This is where thee problem comes in for Sony, because to a degree, they're walking up a steep hill.
Sony must always deliver.
The day they don't, they get shunned.

KwietStorm2112d ago

How are you the first to comment on so many posts?

demetreHG2111d ago

Please do not make me laugh so much , the fact is you nothing about PS VITA

All you do is ramble on blah blah blah

iiiDystopia2111d ago

I sold Uncharted and MvC3 and got 50% extra on my trade-in at GameStop. I'm selling my Vita on Craigslist. I just don't care for it. Boring.

mcstorm2111d ago

Why would anyone trade in a PSV or 3DS for that matter for a Android Tablet or an IPad? If your going to get any tablet for gaming it would be a Surface Pro but then again Ide own a PSV 3DS and a Surface.

Veneno2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Well you have two choices: 1) a handheld that does what a smartphone can but with only casual, simple games. A tablet. or 2) a handheld with not so much of the nice smarphone functionality but with the kind of real quality games you know and love with REAL controls. A Vita.

I really want a Vita but its too much of a luxury item.. . Not in terms of cost but space and convenience of carrying devices. I need my tablet but having a kickass gaming device is something I really want but don't have the room for.

StraightPath2111d ago

3DS is in fire. Games sales you name it.

GuyThatPlaysGames2111d ago

You should because the VITA is trash! Good choice :)

avengers19782111d ago

tablet... handheld... one linked to my ps3... it's totally different... It be more like Ill buy this tablet over a different tablet,

OhMyGandhi2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I've heard the rhetoric, "it will get better" way too many times, especially with portables.

My original psp is practically mummified, and so enveloped in dust that the outer shell has become it's tomb.

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NYC_Gamer2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I hope Sony can influence more studios to develop PSV software

SandWitch2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

But blame yourself when after 3-4 months you will get bored of poor quality and repetitive games.

I know that Vita lacks software at the moment, but I assure you that buying a tablet for gaming purposes is a big mistake. Nexus 7 is by far superior at browsing and media, but it lacks in-depth games and comfortable controls.

CommonSenseGamer2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I agree that the vita offers the richest mobile gaming experience but I also believe that consumers wanting such an experience are in a clear minority.

I love gaming but I need my mobile device to simply do more. You can't under estimate the need for having a good browser and app support. The browser is something that Sony should have gotten right at the very least!

I am giving the Vita 12 months (from its launch date) to make up my mind but my big fear is that it will go the way of the PSP a lot earlier in its lifecycle. That is, it will become the domain of digital junk (minis) that cost more than their Android and iOS counterparts.

At this stage I really don't know if the Vita will succeed or not. Its fate solely lies with Sony and so far they have done little, if anything at all, to boost sales.

One last thing, FFIII on my 7" tablet is frigging amazing. Its clear proof that not all games require physical controls. Touch screen gaming can and does work when done right.

jujubee882112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Oh god. This industry is f-cking wacky.

I was just thinking how I am only going to buy one or two retail VITA games FOR SURE this year and how much time those games will already cover for me once Playstation Suite/Mobile comes out.

Hell, just the other day version 0.99 beta for Playstation Mobile came out.

Honestly, I do not blame him. If I where to not have scientifically broken down most scenarios before I made a down payment and planned to set asside money on a product (with services) like this device, I would have bailed as well. That being said, I meticulously planned out the reasons why VITA is a good product and service (my research began way before VITA was even revealed). Namely, having tactile feedback mechanisms, free methods of communicating with friends and family over PSN, and the open Playstation Mobile SDK is worth the (roughly) $250 price tag.

To each his or her own. Enjoy your toys. :)

Edit: And I meant to say, I was happy to pay about $250 at launch, but that does not mean it is a solid price tag going out of this year. I still hope for a price drop on VITA, just so it can reflect better in a world with more advancing mobile processing and memory tech.

Double edit:

Recreation of what I just saw...

*clicks edit*
*Edits stuff for about 30 seconds*
*comment field auto-updates*
*comes to the realization the people who disagree could not have had the time to read+absorb all that in the time frame*

..Dear disagree voters, you do realize that is what happened, right? You literally just glanced at some text and hit the button that implied you disagreed without coming to the conclusion of what you where disagreeing with. I mean.. just wanted to explain the situation.

jujubee882112d ago

Look, normally I do not engage all the people clicking "disagree" (with my comment above) and leave it as some freakish anomaly of a broken system which allows a sample audience of people online (not really video game players, just weird-o's) to enable or put down opinions and arguments (by hitting a field which gets submitted to a database) ... but, REALLY?

I have already said VITA is my main gaming hub and (as is) I am straddling the line as a person supporting the game industry (with my money and time) and you still have that type of reaction?

Coming from people registered on an a site that promotes the gaming industry via upstarting small gaming news blogs and sharing big gaming news, deals, etc...REALLY?

Clearly, CLEARLY, I am writing about this quite a bit because I care about "gamers" representation online.

To than just get that level of (for lack of a better word) retort? Just..UGH .. Whatever, this is no reflection of people who play video games at large nor the rational people on N4G (I know).


[[ ...I do not even want an "agree" from you four or so people (depending if you made mule accounts) who clicked "disagree". I just want some recognition from where I am coming from, as a dude wanting to support gaming through the VITA. That is literally all. Is it too much lot to ask for?... ]]

Hmmm, should be interesting to see the reaction I get from what happens after I click "Add reply". :)

jeeves862111d ago

I think sometimes if you write a post that's too long, people will become angry with you for having done so.

They also love to and are so eager for the latest, greatest thing, so they can all claim how hard it fails a few months out of the gate. Happens every time. The Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, the Wii, the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS, the Vita...

_-EDMIX-_2112d ago

Agreed. The idiot who wrote the article seems to have never owned a system in its launch window ever in his life.

Buddy, when you buy a system with'n 6 months of it releasing, you very much need to expect there will be limited games. We all know PS4 and 720 will have limited games due to publishers working on them. Why one would sell a PSV based off of 6 months of it being out is beyond me, looks like they have no clue about gamings history.

one2thr2112d ago

Wow really?... The vita hasn't even been out long enough... I just bough Gravity Rush today and it blows ant game on any heandheld platform away in terms of everything!... That'd my opinion

one2thr2112d ago

Damn i sounded retarded in that post lol but yeah me to

Ult iMate2111d ago

Agreed. A sandbox-like game with such level of detail and gameplay quality on a handheld is really amazing. Now I'm even more eager for Assassin's Creed Vita and hope for inFamous for PSV.

JBSleek2112d ago

I'm gonna sit back and watch the comment section explode with anger from people who are mad what this guy did with his own money and purchase.

SilentNegotiator2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

He compared a dedicated handheld device that has been around for less than a year to an Android tablet.

Don't spin this, troll.

Don't play dumb. People aren't annoyed by "how he chooses to spend his money"'s the fact that he published an article comparing a young dedicated gaming handheld to a tablet computer.