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Submitted by Lavalamp 1234d ago | news

Epic Games' 'Fortnite' will be the developer's first Unreal Engine 4 game

The creators of Gears of War and Unreal came to Comic-Con today to finally talk about their next game, Fortnite, a "a co-op sandbox survival game," according to producer Tanya Jessen. (Fortnite, PC, Unreal Engine 4)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1234d ago
I wanna see some gameplay of Fortnite on UE4
Lavalamp  +   1234d ago
This shot is the only thing we have to go by for the time being. Some official media will likely be released soon, but until then:

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aviator189  +   1234d ago
Looks pretty awesome.
Lavalamp  +   1234d ago
Wait, there's screenshots in the article. Blows my pic out of the water.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1234d ago
Yea, it's look's nice and pretty promising. Surprised it wasn't shown at E3.
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hitenmitenritenshite   1234d ago | Spam
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1234d ago
If this is the case....i prefer unreal engine 3.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1234d ago
I was hoping for UT4 but I will see what this is about. Why did they make a cartoony game for pc exclusive? After so many years It's seems Epic's pc comback will be more of a casual game.. Doesn't even look next gen.
This could have been on console to..

I know graphics don't make the game but for Epic showing off there next gen engine this a disappointing but not surprising fail imo.

Out all the games!! Ugh.. Give me hardcore sh!t you bastards!! It looks like a browser or xbla game..
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Primal Rex  +   1234d ago
They named a game "Two weeks"
Convas  +   1234d ago
I'm in! I'm building a pretty strong gaming PC, and the announcement of this game being PC exclusive and using hot tech that'll take advantage of my beastly rig and give me the gameplay I've become fond of in Minecraft as well?

SOLD. Art style is TASTY.
ritsuka666  +   1234d ago
I want Unreal Tournament 4 Cliff!!

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