Best Buy vs. Shelby – When Game Trades Go Wrong

Shelby just wanted to trade in Resistance: Burning Skies at Best Buy. Why did they make it so difficult for him?

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Riggans422145d ago

The moral of the story? When customer service offers you a $30 gift card, hold out. They'll offer you $50 in a few days.

sreiches2145d ago

Well, it's certainly ONE of the lessons one could take from it. It really shouldn't have been necessary to offer a gift card at all, though.

NeoTribe2145d ago

I would never go through that much bullshit.

JBSleek2145d ago

I'm not completely understanding this. You wanted to trade in this game and that gave this person a $30 gift card which is really good and then you wouldn't take it so they gave you a $50. Is the game even worth $50?

sreiches2145d ago

Haha, the game is not. Not for trade and not even new. That's what's so absurd about the situation.

Roper3162145d ago

and this is why companies go belly up and our economy is so screwed up. Instead of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it lets just throw some money at it and of course more then what its valued and hope it goes away.

sreiches2145d ago

This was my concern. When contacting customer service, I know I'm looking for my issue to be resolved, not to be told, "Have some free money."

This also happened in the past with EA. I hit up their chat line due to some issues getting Dragon Age: Origins to recognize my DLC (as well as some random crashes in Mass Effect). After four attempts or so, they just gave me a code for something like 25% off a purchase on Origin.

SilentNegotiator2145d ago

Let the company worry about that. It was some silly little database error. You got $50 in credit. You got MORE than you should have because of a little oversight.


StrawberryDiesel4202145d ago

It sounds to me like you're the type of person that will complain about anything just to get something for free especially when you blatantly admit to doing the same thing prior to this. Were you really wronged here? People that have to deal with people like you fucking detest your guts, just so you know. Stop complaining unless you truly have an issue. I would have just gone somewhere else like most people, you feel the need to not only call numerous people that work for best buy's corporate offices and waste time from your life, but also write an article about how much you bitch and post it on the internet so everyone that doesn't even care can read it. I would be willing to bet you cry and complain about most things in life.

SilentNegotiator2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I hate how this phrase is overused by apologists on this site, but:


A database error causes him/her to get offered a free $30 giftcard, and s/he refuses it. S/He gets a $50 giftcard and then whines that it was "hidden" in the envelope.

My word. SHUT UP.

32froshes2145d ago

No one's whining. This dude just wanted to figure out why Best Buy's system had such a problem with this particular game.