5 Classic PS3 Games That Deserve Trophy Support

Game Rant's Anthony Mole writes: "Now that Trophies are coming to 2008′s ‘Metal Gear Solid 4,’ we take a look at five classic PlayStation 3 titles that also deserve Trophy support."

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MasterofMagnetism2073d ago

good list but i would add dmc 4 to that list. i'm almost done with the dmc trilogy and it would be nice to have the platinum for all 4 games.

harrisk9542073d ago

I WISH Valkyria Chronicles was patched for trophies... I loved that game!

Hicken2073d ago

That's the first game I thought of when I thought about what games I have, love, and that don't have trophy support.

Snarkasaur2073d ago

I'd love to see it with Valk Chronicles, but Sega as a company seems to have their head up their ass most of the time, so I doubt it'll ever happen.