Angry Birds creator’s new game, Amazing Alex, is out now

Amazing Alex, a new physics-based puzzle game for Android and iOS devices, is out now. It’s the newest game from Rovio, the company that received over a billion downloads thanks to the megahit Angry Birds.

This is the first major release from Rovio since their release of the Angry Birds games, and many gamers (and analysts of mobile gaming) wonder if the company can net a similar amount of attention — and profit — from this new title.

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acronkyoung2144d ago

This will never hit Angry Birds phenomenon level.

roblef2144d ago

It's a great game from an equally great indie dev (not Rovio, originally), so it's good to see what kind of traction it might get from the added brand and promotional push.

Dovahkiin2144d ago

No, but I've heard he is pretty amazing.

jn2002dk2144d ago

All the birds says he is a pig