Minecraft XBLA 1.7.3 Update Releases Tomorrow

Stick Skills: "That's right, you read the title correct! PlayXBLA has just announced that the long awaited Minecraft XBLA 1.7.3 title update will be releasing across the world tomorrow morning at 2AM UTC. A ton of great new features, some expected, some brand new to the Xbox 360 edition have been added to the game. Pistons will be added and even a ban list is now present in-game. A full list of features and fixes follows."

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Muffins12232017d ago

Next update:Bigger maps and be able to have more than 8 players plz

Dovahkiin2017d ago

More than 8 players and there will more than likely be unbearable lag. The limit is 8 for a reason.

R_A_LEE202017d ago

So what are these 'cool things for people to find'?