Call of Duty Black Ops 2 multiplayer - What we want from the future fragfest

GamesRadar - Treyarch hasn’t gone into detail on any of Black Ops 2’s multiplayer features, but they have mentioned that they will be making some significant changes. Will it stick to the established Call of Duty multiplayer formula, filled with perks, killstreaks, and persistent unlocks, or will it be something entirely different?

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Prince_Dim-Lu1926d ago

First post sums up this sites users perfectly! LMAO.. Killzone the leader! That is rich.

Outside_ofthe_Box1926d ago

You can GTFO anytime you like if you don't like this site. Just sayin.

GuyThatPlaysGames1926d ago

One thing I don't want: bullets that curve around the corner like Black Ops 1 did.
One thing I want back: the 5 seconds of hearing the enemy that you killed's mic

WeskerChildReborned1926d ago

What i want is a balanced game which will probably not happen since most CODs end up unbalanced.

Asuka1926d ago

3x frag grenade perk please =P