Gaikai's David Perry intends to push for core-focused console within Sony

''Gaikai chief David Perry intends to push for a core-focused console within Sony, he has revealed.''

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PirateThom2170d ago

David Perry knows what to do.

guitarded772170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Hell yeah, with quotes like these..

"I now work for Sony," Perry replied. "I can tell you my take on it is I much prefer to focus on gaming. You need to hit it out of the park on gaming. If it does other stuff that's cool. But the core is what it's all about."

"So my focus would be, it's just got to make the most badass games possible. That's certainly what my push will be inside the company."

"If it does other things I get it. That's cool. But it's not the core of the device."

...I am now a fan of this guy.

I like that consoles do other things besides gaming, but the heart of the machine has to be gaming. It's what sets them apart from other media devices.

Morrigan-Aensland2170d ago

This is why I love Sony. They also don't pretend to support the core

Psycho_PS3Truthh2170d ago

When his majesty PlayStation the 4th arrive on the cloud it will surely rain greatness for all eternity, Anything within the living room will watch as how the future king of extreme home entertainment take control of the entire living rooms across the world.

With the PS4 harnessing the power of the clouds, our experience will be a heavenly one and I cannot wait the worship and play the PS4.

Locksus2170d ago

Sustain your boner good man.

WeskerChildReborned2170d ago

How do we know the next gen console will indeed be a PS4? Their have been rumors that it will be called the Playstation Orbis which would make some sense with the Vita.

wishingW3L2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

when was the last time the code-name of an unreleased console became the real name after its release?

But despite what people say I do like the name PS Orbis. It sounds way better than Wii and Wii U.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2170d ago

You are right, the playstation 4 could be called something that no man can imagine, maybe playstation infinity, playstation king or playstation super entertainment hub. We might have to wait until the arrival of the king at E3 2012.

With the playstation 4 utilizing the cloud I know for a certain it will be the most omnipresent video game console we will ever have. Gamers and smart devices are everywhere and that is why the playstation will be omnipresent and omnipotent when utilizing the the gaikai cloud system which is fused with the Nvidia gforce grid to cut latency.

Also gaikai cloud system will also be different and more advance and might be called the PlayStation cloud. It will be like the king kong version of the smaller household playstation.

asmith23062170d ago

So you managed to crawl over from IGN lol! But yes I agree, the potential Sony now has for the PS4 with Gaikai is really great. Microsoft have shown that they have leaned away from the core, so Sony are now the flying the flag for the core market and I expect it to continue into the next gen. Also, I hope that they integrate Gaikai with the Vita given its lack (and price!) of memory. I know its way off but I reckon at E3 next year Sony will have something for the core that will make our jaws hit the floor.

FragMnTagM2170d ago

Let's hope they can get their online service as integrated as XBOX Live's and I might switch completely to Playstation, until then it PC and XBOX for online multi for me and PS for single player exclusives.

UnitSmiley2170d ago

I've been thinking this for awhile now. You can tell Sony is THE company for gaming enthusiasts. They have been doing the best to please the core gaming audience for years. The amount of exclusives, PSN+ (so superior to Live) New IP's even this late in the gen ect. Nintendo is going to do what they always do and Microsoft looks like it's going to try to cash in on the casuals this time around. I just hope the Microsoft fanbase doesn't still support them after all they get is Kinect casual bs and the occasional halo.

2169d ago