Batman Arkham City 2: 10 Ways Justice League Should Be Utilized

WC writes: While details are far from confirmed at this stage, the few that are being reported around the internet are all hugely feasible but could still be either rumours or early ideas that will eventually get scrapped. And although there’s no contactable source within the Variety article to confirm this information is accurate, the idea got me thinking: would including the Justice League work for the series?

And I concluded that I’m adamant it would. So without further chatter lets all assemble for ten ways Rocksteady could utilize the Justice League.

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NYC_Gamer2080d ago

I hope Rocksteady keeps JL far away from Arkham

JBSleek2080d ago

If the rumors of Silver Age is true then it would make sense to have all the other hero at least shown but what I dislike about DC is that almost everyone is like God so maybe they won't.

WeskerChildReborned2080d ago

Yea, it would ruin the dark feeling of the Arkham series IMO. Rocksteady should just make a Justice League game or Superman game when they are done with Batman.

Kurylo3d2080d ago

i agree... please keep justice league as far as you can from arkham. The rest of the justice league is just too rediculously out there and over powered. Batman becomes marvels iron man when u join forces with them which totally defeats the purpose behind batman. Makes him just the weakest link and makes their entire universe corny.

Problem with all these comic book companies is they want to put them all in the same universe. Why cant they just exist in seperate universes? Superman can work... but only when its his story... same with batman... to throw every character together not only makes it unbeleivable... but just destorys the batman comic in of itself.

MasterD9192080d ago

Definitely hope they don't call it Arkham City 2...Gotham City or something else would be a much better fit.

And if they are going with the JLA cameos or tie-ins then I hope that they attempt to ground them in reality a bit more than the comics do.

nofallouthero2080d ago

silver age really,
why not "dark knight returns" or "year one" or "long hollow ween" or even "dark victory" any one of those would make a great story.
especially since the first game was based on a serious house on a serious earth.

tunaks12080d ago

"Batman Arkham City 2: 10 Ways Justice League Should Be Utilized"

how about not, justice league is always shoehorned into batman.