Pandora creator: Kickstarter sensation Ouya could be dead on arrival

Pocket Gamer: The newly crowd-funded Ouya console may be breaking records and attracting thousands of generous backers, but it could end up being a commercial disaster which will cost its founders dearly, according to a man who knows a thing or two about launching new gaming hardware.

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Wizziokid2168d ago

I'm just stunned how much it's earned $4,019,578 with 27 days to go.

I may have to invest when the thing launches, if it's good

wicko2168d ago

A huge portion of that money is from developers rather than customers.

Dlacy13g2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Actually... Devs have not given nearly like gamers so far. (edit: keep in mind totals below are just going off the absolute $$ value of each level and cant take into account some giving more than the minimum amount)


The following pledge levels are all aimed at gamers only:

PLEDGE $95 OR MORE - 1000 BACKERS SOLD OUT (0 of 1000 remaining)
PLEDGE $99 OR MORE - 27782 BACKERS • Limited Reward (52218 of 80000 remaining)
PLEDGE $225 OR MORE - 1161 BACKERS • Limited Reward (1339 of 2500 remaining)

Total minimum pledged by gamers: $3,139,583

The next level of Pledges are all aimed more at devs as they include SDK / Rooted machines, etc..:

PLEDGE $699 OR MORE - 200 BACKERS SOLD OUT (0 of 200 remaining)
PLEDGE $1,337 OR MORE - 200 BACKERS SOLD OUT (0 of 200 remaining)
PLEDGE $5,000 OR MORE - 3 BACKERS • Limited Reward (27 of 30 remaining)
PLEDGE $10,000 OR MORE - 5 BACKERS • Limited Reward (15 of 20 remaining)

Total minimum pledged by developer level funds: $472,200

So this kickstarter is absolutely being funded by gamers. But the reality of this kickstarter is that its just a pre-order system that they threw out to the Kickstarter to generate cash fast and easy and with little to no advertising.

wicko2168d ago

The flaw with that argument is that anyone who buys the console itself can develop for it, which means we have no idea who is backing this project based on tiers alone. I probably shouldn't have made it sound like I had facts behind me - it's more that I find it hard to believe that people are jumping on this with almost no information. We've only seen renders of the console and it's controller, we've seen a basic list of hardware, and we know the software will be F2P in some form.

But we don't know how it will perform, and we don't know of any software lineup.. very important things are left blank right now, so I can only assume that a lot of these backers plan to develop for it in some form. Time will tell of course.

WeskerChildReborned2168d ago

I'm waiting till i actually see some games on it.

NYC_Gamer2168d ago

I'll stick to my phone/PC/consoles to play indie games

archemides5182168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

um, pandora is doa, much like the music biz.

i love how i'm getting so many spotify emails doing anything they can to keep people interested, and none of it is working. and pandora wishes it was spotify about now.

majiebeast2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I agree with the guy how is it possible to launch a 99$ console thats almost free for devs to develop for and free for users. I smell something is a bit off about it like some read between the lines bullshit.

WeskerChildReborned2168d ago

Would suck if all games were free to a point where you'll have to pay for the full game.

finite2168d ago

The new Kick starter Ouya

Let's look at what they got critically:

25.000 lousy preorders. Hands up, who will program for that install base?
$4 Million in funds, which is the daily marketing budget of the big boys they try to go up against.
Not enough money to produce enough units to produce what Apple sells in a day.

I can't see developers or publishers committing the large scale resources required to make modern AAA titles on a console that is billed as being rootable from day one.

This project is nothing more than putting a marketing spin directed at gamer on the flashflood of Android devices that are being currently sold. All the Gooseberries, VIA Android PC, HDMI "Sticks", etc.

Just consider, if Microsoft took preorders for their next console today, they would have 2.5 MILLION preorder in 48h, not 25.000. They would have retail chains lining up to process them. They wouldn't necessarily have a better trailer, so kudos for that.

Some links on the topic of Android PCs:


DeadlyFire2168d ago

Its a new product that is relatively unknown. These specs for Ouya are better than those android PCs.

As far as Andriod PCs go you should look at NVIDIA if you want to see a real PC standard emerging. They are building top of the line PC level ARM CPUs and APUs for 2013/2014 and beyond. So Andriod OS on PC could topple Windows if it happens to partner with NVIDIA. Windows plans an ARM version, but its unknown if the two would collide in PC space just yet.

I don't know how Ouya costs $99 bucks unless the plan is to sell at a loss for awhile. They must be a decent sized company willing to take a hit to make it big.

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