One Console To Rule Them All

Kotaku - Forget the console wars! If the big console makers would all just declare peace, everyone would benefit.

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2195d ago
Psycho_PS3Truthh2195d ago

1 console to rule them all is the playstation and it might happen soon, with the PS4 on the way with technological advancement mankind as never heard about it will surely be the lion king of the gaming jungle ruling every single thing. I cannot see a future for any competitor in the console race because sony is going to build something more immortal than even the PS2 and the PS2 was something extremely godlike when it was the console of choice and even now the PS2 is still being sold because of its immortality in delivering a rich gaming experience to all humans across the earth.

Nothing compares to the PS2 but the PS4 will take it to another level beyond normal human comprehension.