Hideo Kojima Never Expected Metal Gear Solid To Do Well In The West

Kotaku - The Metal Gear series is 25 years old this year. From its modest beginnings on the MSX2 console (the what?), to its big break on the Playstation with Metal Gear Solid and now with the highly anticipated Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Metal Gear has come a long way to become a globally popular series. But it wasn't always intended to be that way.

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Batzi2112d ago

I didn't like it when I first played the demo on PS1. When I tried it again, I fell in love with Snake's voice(David Hayter) and wanted to listen to that voice more so I kept playing and got hooked to the story and this is when my life changed forever!

-Mezzo-2112d ago


Me, i feel in love with the game the Moment i sat down to play MGS1 on my Playstation 1. Loved the franchise ever since.

Godchild10202112d ago

And we will continue to support Metal Gear and your future endeavors.

-Mezzo-2112d ago

Exactly, cannot wait for MGS5.

Irishguy952112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I suppose he thought this was gonna be aimed at Anime fans. Ghost in the Shell and the like(obviously not Dragonball Z and that type). But, good games are good games, US and EU respond to this too. What got me back in the day was simply, it had good graphics, the music/mood, the...electronic theme(green backround and ****, nanomachines) and the gameplay(had not Idea about the story till I played it), it had an aswesome cover as well that just stuck out Trailers for this game rocked. OPS magazine had one at some point I think.