Don’t Expect Call of Duty-Like Games from Nintendo

Kotaku - When you think of "Nintendo", you think of plumbers. You think of princesses. You think of fluffy clouds and lush green grass. You do not think of 13 year-olds waiting to pop caps in you.

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Morrigan-Aensland2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Iwata - We're not going to deliver a system that has so much horsepower that no matter what you put on there it will run beautifully," he continued, "and also, because we're selling the system with the GamePad—which adds extra cost to the package—we don't want to inflate the cost of each unit by putting in excessive CPU power."

So if they didn't have the Wii u pad and the expensive parts then they'd be able to make the core CPU of the hardware more powerful.

Can't wait for Xbox 720 and ps4

mike1up2074d ago

If you care so much about graphics then why don't you game on PC?

Morrigan-Aensland2074d ago

I've got a pc but I prefer the ease of consoles. Also pc doesn't get a lot of games I can play exclusively on ps3 and Xbox. Pc doesnt get a lot of big releases that are made of high quality.

ChickeyCantor2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

"I've got a pc but I prefer the ease of consoles."

I just want to smash my face hard into concrete when I read this ignorant nonsense.

With clients like Steam it's pretty much a plug and play setup. And most games support a gamepad. On top of that you can either play windowed mode or alt-tab out if you need to handle some other tasks. Hell in steam you don't need to alt-tab out, you can use the gameoverlay to browse for walktroughs and stay in touch with your friends. Stuff like "cross-gaming-chat" is like a huge standard since voice chat can be done with so many different tools.

PC offers a far bigger game library compared to the consoles. Sure it doesn't have the Ps3 exclusives, but that doesn't mean it has no great games.

Console people should give PC's far more credit when it comes to gaming. This isn't 1995.

SkullBlade1692074d ago

"Ease of consoles"?

Consoles this generation have mandatory installs, patches and OS Updates.

They're essentially becoming PCs.

Not saying that these are bad things, but there is no real "ease of use" for consoles anymore since you have to contend with the same things.

May as well get a PC since it'll likely be more powerful and able to push better graphics. :P

Machioto2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Is that shigeru miyamoto or secret asian man.

Oh_Yeah2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

what? lmao...360 only has 3 exclusives that arnt on pc, halo, gears, forza, you arnt missing anything by not owning a 360...ps3 on the other hand your right it has alot of quality exclusives that you cant play on pc...but pc definetly has their own great exclusives man, also the quantity is far more than ps3 + 360 + wii exclusives all together. shit a pc can emulate a wii. also ease of use? its just like a console, you get a pc with a decent graphics card, plug it into your tv via hdmi, grab a 360 or ps3 controller, sit on your couch and your ready to go.

Jadedz2073d ago

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GuyThatPlaysGames2074d ago

I dont expect nothing from Nintendo but half-ass Mario games and really nothing more.

live2play2073d ago

I dont expect nothing from Trolls but half-ass comments and really nothing more.

omarzy2073d ago

You do realize that ps3/360 has more Assasin's creed or CoD games then the Wii has Super Mario games this gen, but what good is research anyway? All it does is prevent yourself from being an idiot.

-Mezzo-2074d ago

Good, coz God knows we already have enough of them.

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linkratos2074d ago

No shit. That's what 3rd parties are supposed to be for.

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