CVG - Tomb Raider: 'Stunning' hands-on

CVG - Lara is covered in blood. More specifically - she's caked in brain-matter, blood and dirt. She's kneeling next to the man she shot in the face, clutching a handgun, watching him gurgle out his dying breaths. And when the shock wears off, Lara begins to sob uncontrollably as she contemplates her very first human kill.

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JAM_brz2016d ago

I may be criticized for my likes, but in videogames, the more violent the better. Bring Tomb Raider to me!

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level 3602016d ago

Don't believe it has to be violent. Good example - Journey.

It's all about the story that matters, and a very good compelling story will always garner a lot of audience.

Great that the developers of Tomb Raider have realized this, and I think this series will be the best of all.