Five iconic video game items that should never be made into replicas

GameZone writes, "Earlier this week, you may have noticed a replica of Ezio’s classic hidden assassin’s blade is being made available for sale to the general video gaming public. It’s life-size, straps comfortably onto your wrist, and, according to the info listed at Gamestop, CAN EXTEND A FIFTEEN INCH LONG SPRING LOADED PLASTIC BLADE FROM THE BASE OF YOUR PALM WITH THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON.

It is in this spirit that we’ve comprised a list of the five most dangerous things from games, that, if made into real-world life-size replicas, would almost certainly be disastrous to some hopelessly clumsy “Star Wars Kid”-esque oaf, that just can’t help but swing dangerous crap around in their garage all day. Here we go!"

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CustardTrout2196d ago

Just listed 5 things that I want replicas of.
In fact, no 4, I already have Kratos daggers, if you're going to swing them around then chances are you're just wasting my oxygen anyway.