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guitarded771926d ago

A Hitman HD collection would be awesome, but I doubt they could get one out before Absolution.

Denethor_II1926d ago

Go to steam they're really cheap, and will look better than a HD collection.

guitarded771926d ago

Yeah, I may just do that and hope for an HD collection. They have the Hitman Collection (Silent Assassin, Blood Money and Codename 47) for $15 through the 23rd. Thank's for the tip.

Jacobster1926d ago

This looks very promising can't wait to try it :)

Adexus1926d ago

I had some doubts but it actually looks pretty fantastic!

Psycho_Mantis1926d ago

The graphics look insanely good! And esspecailly that atmosphere that IOI is always good at doing. Im am not dissapointed. As long as i see that amazing atmosphere they are always good at.