Ouya $99 console

TecStories writes: Now what makes the Ouya revolutionary is the fact that when you go out and buy your console (by the way how much is that ? Ye expensive.) then you have to buy a game which due to licensing and what not eventually ends up costing around $60, which is a lot per game. The Ouya eliminates the greed, plain and simple and that's good with me.

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Yi-Long2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

... as a cheap entertainment-center that will be able to play movies (.mkv and everything else), emulators, and new Android games. Just hooking up a big external HDD and you should be set for life!

However, there's also the fear it won't be able to live up to it's potential.

Also, this obviously isn't meant as competition to the consoles we know and love.

DarkBlood2318d ago

so it acts like a computer or something? i wonder if id have to modify that console to play an emulator i have on the pc if i do then i probably wont do that, but very smart when it comes to that stuff lol

Yi-Long2318d ago

... I just know tablets/phones or whatever that use that OS can play emulators and .mkv. I don't knowif you have to mod it or not, and how difficult that would be.

However, if it can play all movie files and work as a great all-round entertainment-system, it certainly beats buying a media-player.

isarai2318d ago

I can really see myself purchasing this. IF it gets some good and steady support. So far things like this come out guns blazing then burn out quickly like Onlive

Auron2318d ago

Can't wait to get this console in my hands.

Auron2318d ago

they say if you pledge 99 and up you'll get it before stores. from what I seen it has a march 2013 release.. I could be wrong though.