Sonic Steals Ideas from Cool Things like Transformers

Sonic the Hedgehog has been getting a lot of flak lately, and most of it is probably deserved. I mean, the past two console generations haven’t been kind to the speedy little bastard. Even the recent 2D Sonic games, which we had high hopes for, didn’t really satisfy. I would venture to say that Sonic Generations is the closest thing we’ve seen to a good Sonic game recently, and, well, that’s kind of sad.

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mamotte2145d ago

...because transforming vehicles is the most original idea in the entire universe.

Unexpecta2145d ago

...and like no has stolen something before.

Hicken2145d ago

ESPECIALLY not something transforming. Nobody EVER does that.

hazelamy2144d ago

i'd say it's more like the old spyhunter game.