Unchained Blades Review: Dungeons & Dragon Emperors | GamePlox

XSEED’s newest release, Unchained Blades, should be easy to describe. Seemingly just a straightforward first-person dungeon crawler with traditional turn-based battles, the game could very come across to most onlookers as a generic labrynth game that’s best targeted towards a practically non-existent niche.

After digging into it, though, you might start to realize how it differentiates itself. The story, while exemplifying the typical structure of the genre, is nonetheless entertaining. The art style is phenomenal across the board, if you can get passed the bland dungeon designs. The battle system introduces a number of pleasantly unique functions that serve to shake up the otherwise redundant gameplay.

You might have noticed that there’s a negative aspect for each of the compliments above. While Unchained Blades does a number of refreshing things to the genre, it still presents an irritating question: are these changes to the formula enough? All of these things and more come...

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