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JBSleek1897d ago

I really want this game for the Wii-U! Make it happen Sega please.

Psychonaughty1897d ago

It's already been confirmed for the Wii U.

Unexpecta1897d ago

I suggest you forget about your anticipation to play Sonic & All Stars RT on the Wii U, and just simply play it on the Vita.

It will be the best decision ever, I promise that! You're getting everything the Wii U can do with PSVita/PS3.

Technical World1897d ago

The man clearly wants to play the Wii U, so why try to convince somebody that clearly prefers Nintendo to buy Sony instead? I play both so I don't care, but unless you work for Sony I don't see why you feel the need to convince people to buy a certain product.

Unexpecta1896d ago

I'm only trying to do what's best for him, convincing him to get the best product and not be disappointed.

from the beach1897d ago

Lovely stuff! Looks great, can't wait.