Rockstar won't be in a position to show more GTA 5 footage 'for a while yet'

"We have often had long gaps between asset releases and will continue to do so"

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KingItachi2199d ago

I have no problem with that.

GuyThatPlaysGames2199d ago

That's fine with me. TBH, I really don't wanna see a bunch of footage so when the game comes out, I have more shock value.

WeskerChildReborned2199d ago

I'm dying to see a 10 min gameplay video but i can be patient.

310dodo2199d ago

Rockstar does w/e the f*ck it wants.

they could release the game tomorrow
it will stop the world

WeskerChildReborned2199d ago

The real reason the world would be ending in December is if they chose to release GTA V then.

VanillaBear2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Yet they said a last month that more info was coming in a couple of months. It gave me the impression that they were going to start announcing a ton of things round about now

I respect what they are trying to do but I don't see why they can't show off another trailer when the last one was back in November. Surley a huge company like Rockstar would of planned this all out. November - Teaser...July - Screenshots...August - Trailer etc.

WeskerChildReborned2199d ago

Well this make's me think we are not gonna see GTA V this year :(.

dubt722199d ago

I never expected this year, and now I'm starting to wonder if it will be this gen. Would be the biggest next-gen launch title ever, for sure.

marcoskids2199d ago


NYC_Gamer2199d ago

That's no problem i'll wait til R* is ready to reveal details

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