When A Game Takes Over Your Life

We’ve all played them; they’re the games that take over every waking moment of your life, whether you’re playing them or just thinking about them. Cassidee from shares the six games that ate up hours of her life.

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Nevers2109d ago

Dark Souls for me. I have so many awesome titles to play right now but all I want to do is get back into Lordran.

gobluesamg2109d ago

Fallout 3. Team Fortress 2.

310dodo2109d ago


fall out 3


I lost 4 friends to these games
Lost 2 Gfs
Gained 1 Gf
lost a billion hours of sleep
gained 30 pounds of mountain dew and Jack in Box tacos

rofl no joke

Kyosuke_Sanada2109d ago

It would have been Silent Hill series for me. I played it only at night and almost every night to increase scare factor which also led to lack of sleep. I still remembered some of the hallucinations I had which made my co-workers be very wary of me.....

-Hey Kyo, hows your day going?

- I'm okay I gue.....this store needs to fix that hole in the wall.

- A hole? Is there one behind me? I see no hole.

- Uh I'll see you later, I think I need to sit down....