Diehard GameFAN: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

DHGF: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is an example of trying very hard to make something unique that ends up falling on its face because the “unique” elements are simply not very fun. The plot is interesting enough to carry the experience for a while, and the game certainly looks and sounds quite solid overall. However, the combination of controller and Kinect controls could have been good, and is certainly unique, but fails to function in a way that anyone but Job would have problems working with it. The Kinect controls are a frustrating mess, partly because they’re simply unfriendly unless the player is practically immobile and in ideal conditions, partly because even then they don’t work as well as they could, and partly because the game throws so many at the player as to be onerous in the best cases. Couple that with a difficulty that is fairly high on its own and the game balances a tightrope of being amazing under ideal conditions and impossible otherwise, and it often falls off. If you’re very patient and love quasi-realistic mech games, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor might inspire some mild amusement for you, but everyone else will toss their controller long before they find anything worth coming back to.

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