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Con_rTIST2225d ago

wow this looks amazing not a surprise though Rockstar never fails to deliver.

welcome12225d ago

They do look stunning. I also gotta say a holiday release sounds likely.

Trenta272225d ago

It does look quite complete. I would say either this winter or spring. Considering the amount of teasing they do, spring sounds more likely as the teasing would have started by now =/

Con_rTIST2225d ago

sure, it is a possibility since Rockstar's Dev team is so huge they just might make a holiday release but i think it would be better for a release next year. It would give them so much more time to polish the game and make it the Gta game every fan dreams about.

roadkillers2225d ago

I don't know anymore...

"We just have not been in a position to show more of the game than the trailer and will not be for a while yet. We did, however, manage to sneak a quick screenshot out for you… it’s not much, but we thought it was pretty fun."

- Supposedly from Rockstar

WeskerChildReborned2225d ago

I would be so happy if they can release this year.

Ares84HU2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Looks nice, but after Just Cause 2 this is really not interesting to me. Just Cause 2 really set the bar high in open world games and GTAV so far doesn't even look close.

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Awesome_Gamer2225d ago

They do look stunning considing it's taking from an early build, the final game will look even better, can't freaking wait

Shaman2225d ago

Yap, and they are from console build. B3D confirmed 720p FXAA.

Hanif-8762224d ago

I'm glad that they used FXAA because it has less impact on performance compared to MSAA and also does a fine job with the smoothing of edges. I could tell from the trailer shown that it was FXAA though but its nice that someone confirmed it though. I just hope that both the PS3 and Xbox360 are comparable in terms of visual and performance though *cough* GTA IV *cough* because the differences was night and day between the two versions. However, i think that Rockstar has gotten the grips on the PS3 if Max Payne 3 is any indication to judge. I just need 720p native with FXAA on the PS3 version this time!

tee_bag2422224d ago

I owned both copies. It was hardly night and day difference. It was punch for punch. 360 had an edge slightly in AA and FPS. PS3 handed shadows much better. 360 pawned it for online, that's why I have both.

Bonerrr2225d ago

Oh really?
Where the fuck does it state it's running on PC?
NO where! But of course you morons will spin anything, prepare to wait an extra 3 months while the Ps3 and 360 get a solid release.

GuyThatPlaysGames2225d ago

Seems I struck a nerve lol. But in all honesty, you know the consoles will not look like this. I'm not a PC fanboy or a console fanboy, but I'm just being honest and I know as well as everyone else does that these screenshots are on PC. Sorry to ruin your day.

Bonerrr2225d ago

Once again, you don't know that, Rockstar HAVE NOT stated what the trailer or these screenshots were running on and going off GTA4 i won't be surprised if the 360 is lead platform once again..


Eyesoftheraven2225d ago

Look at the pier wood texture off to the right, you can see there is a low amount of Anisotrpy as the texture loses it's sharpness fairly close out, indicating a console rendition. and it looks damn fine still.

Dee_912224d ago

looks like gta iv. I dont get this " it must be pc" talk like it looks tons better than gta iv. your not being honest thats just your opinion.
not saying gta v looks like gta iv in a bad way because gta iv still look good til this day.

annus2224d ago

I thought that as well, and then I saw the full sized screenshot, it's obvious it is on console.


Looks a lot different full sized...

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WeskerChildReborned2225d ago

Agreed, Rockstar never disapoints.

WeskerChildReborned2224d ago

Yep, this is why Rockstar is one of my favorite developers.

Crazyglues2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Oh Finally something, I just can't wait for this game to come out... DAY ONE BUY- Looks amazing

I hope we get a new trailer soon... !


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shadowwizard2225d ago


/capslock off

VanillaBear2225d ago

This game is going to be amazing...I hope they surprize us with two new cities (San Fierro and Las Venturas) like they did when SA was announced....they only showed Los Santos off in the first SA trailer.

Con_rTIST2225d ago

You never know and if you take a close look at the picture with the helicopter, there seems to be a bridge in the far distant to the left. Now why would there be a bridge if the game only takes place in Los Santos and its surrounding hills.hmm makes you wonder.

VanillaBear2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Good point...I can just see it in the distance. Hard to see but I can make it out

I don't see the point of changing the city of Los Santos so it's just one city and a country side while getting rid of the other cities because then it would of been pointless setting it in Los Santos when it's nothing like the map in SA
I know GTA4 changed the map but it was needed...they added to Liberty City...not remove things.



Yeah but if you can make it out thats not the sort of bridge you would use for just a quick way to get to the country side. It looks like the bridge they used in SA when traveling from Lost Santos to Las Venturas. The big bridges that connected the main islands.

xPhearR3dx2225d ago

Because just like in San Andreas, bridges connected the outer country side. I know it's been many years, but here's the map. Quite a few bridges that lead to the country.

PCGamingNoobs2225d ago

name me one gta game without multiple islands blocked of by bridges. it will either be like san andreas with LV and SF, but they did say they are just remaking los santos so it might just be alot bigger with break offs.

i thinks its going to be just a revamped san andreas like liberty city in gta 4 was. i just cant bloody wait!!!!!

roadkillers2225d ago

Wow, I never thought they would release screen shots... Anyways, cool water effects. They should have added a man fishing to keep the rumor mill turning.

Snookies122225d ago

I want a fishing minigame. D:

xtheownerzx2225d ago

WOW that second screen gave my jaw has an issue now because it won't close up.. my god

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