Mobile gamers now outnumber PC players in China

VB writes: The number of mobile gamers in China is expected to hit 192 million by the end of this year, according to market researcher Niko Partners. This means that the number of mobile gamers now likely exceeds the number of PC players in China.

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Letros2173d ago

Going to be interesting to see the gaming world when Microsoft bridges the gap between PC and Mobile.

the worst2173d ago


joeorc2173d ago

"Going to be interesting to see the gaming world when Microsoft bridges the gap between PC and Mobile."

that's the thing pretty much everyone is doing that and having their own eco system also to boot.


Even Nintendo is looking to do the same, when every product made for the consumer electronics market all have function's that no longer the PC had the only real choice for such applications, now many companies are doing the same thing.

Now that does not mean there overlap will be in every part of the eco system, but the fact that entertainemt is a main driver. Microsoft is not going to be alone in bridging the Mobile with the Hub functionality. to give the consumer a unified system for entertainment.

Letros2173d ago

I was speaking of x86 being bridged to ARM, nothing you mentioned was relevant in that respect. Show me another platform with a marketplace where there are equivalent ARM and x86 "apps", or the less hipster analogue, "programs".

It could be done with Android since Intel is promoting Android x86, however Android app support beyond phones leaves something to be desired (resolution scaling, etc.) I use a transformer prime daily, it's a huge problem.

JBSleek2173d ago

You kinda just went on a rant about how Microsoft isn't the only company who can do this yet they actually are because of that Windows NT kernel being able to run x86/ARM technology in native code.

All the other players don't run x86 hardware on mobile outside of some slates and Atom phones in low markets.

StayStatic2173d ago

Doesn't really mean anything , not like I'm going to be sat at a bus stop playing Crysis 3 with accurate controls on a mobile device any time soon and id rather read the news paper than play angry birds.

It's called angry birds for a reason , because when you play it you feel so angry your that bored and have nothing else better to do.

Smashbro292173d ago

That's ridiculous! Everyone has a phone by default so nearly everyone is a "mobile gamer" just for looking at Angry Birds for a few seconds.

The fact that the numbers are even comparable shows that PC gaming is still alive and well.

1nsaint2173d ago

lol mobile gamers arent really gamers XD

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