Iwata Confirms More Third-Party Game Announcements Coming This Fall

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that Nintendo will be showcasing unannounced third-party Wii U games in the Fall. Speaking to UK newspaper The Independent Iwata said that there are other games in the works that haven’t been announced yet, and these unannounced titles will be shown to the public during the Fall.

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guitarded771861d ago

I'm more interested in a price and release date announcement at the moment.

--Onilink--1861d ago

He also said that announcement would come at around the same time

Timmer1861d ago

There's supposed to be a big announcement either in late August or early Fall.

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Gigawatt251861d ago

Too late. You had E3 to impress me but you failed.

CaptainN1861d ago

Real mature...give a company 1 whole day to impress you ......even though they have 6 months from E3 to release the console and show everything they have !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.