"Resident Evil: Chronicles HD" The Top Downloaded PSN Game In Europe This Week

TSA: Capcom's Resident Evil: Chronicles HD is the PSN's most downloaded game across Europe this week, as trade publication MCV kicks off their weekly round-up of what's selling digitally, for the first time ever as far as we know.

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sinncross2173d ago

Good for Capcom. Seems they might have made a good choice bringing the titles over to the PS3.

Lucretia2173d ago

is alot of fun. I played umbrella chronicles on the wii and thought the controls were aweful. but playing it darkside chronicles with the move seems Soooooo much more accurate. me and my fiance are having a blast with it

Pozzle2173d ago

Does this mean we could eventually see a REmake and RE0 HD Collection in future? :O

aDDicteD2173d ago

i hope so too! like the wii version but still it'll be really good as a HD collection

arbitor3652173d ago

and yet people say "no one likes arcade rail shooters"

Pozzle2173d ago

It's also proof that gamers are still interested in playing Resident Evil games that are horror oriented.